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Classic Jar Large Tropical Starfruit (1144g)

Classic Jar Large Tropical Starfruit (1144g)

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About This Fragrance

Experience a tranquil oasis with the Citrus scent of lemongrass, ginger, and earthy botanical fragrances, illuminated by moonlight on the gentle ripples of the shore.

Fragrance Notes

Top: Juicy Grapefruit, Pineapple, Ocean Breeze Accord
Mid: Jasmine, Lily, Starfruit
Base: Vanilla, Agave, Plum

Top note is the initial impression of the fragrance, middle note is the main body of the scent and base is its final impression.


  • Burn Time: 110 to 150 hours
  • Wax: Premium-grade paraffin wax
  • Scent: Premium quality ingredients create distinctive true-to-life scents
  • Wick: Wicks made with 100% natural fibers
  • Dimensions: 3.85" x 7"
  • Height: 17.5cm , 6.89in
  • Width: 8.5cm , 3.35in
  • Net Weight: 623.7g
  • Total Weight: 1144g


Economy package - the best price per hour of burning!
Classic and popular Yankee Candle design with glass lid.
Convenient and easy to use.
Made using the finest ingredients, including pure natural fragrance extracts.
Evenly and completely scented food-grade paraffin.
Specially designed wicks, which are braided according to the type of fragrance to guarantee maximum burning hours and the same fragrance quality.

Each wick is manually straightened.
Completely burns.

About Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is the world's best known manufacturer of scented candles and indoor scents.

Yankee Candle smells as pleasant as the real flowers, fruits, spices, place or experience they were inspired to.

Yankee Candle - these are the most varied authentic fragrances that will not disappear even with time and will scent your interior for a long time until the last flash of the flame.

Features of Yankee Candle

Quality - with high quality ingredients, including soy wax, essential oils, and natural fragrances. Strong long lasting scent.
Variety - It offers over 200 different scents.
Aesthetics - Attractive packaging, different jar styles. This makes them a great addition to any home decor.
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Product Details

Fast Facts

● Candles should burn 1 hour for every 1" in diameter, until the entire top layer of wax has liquified, for maximum fragrance and performance.

● Extinguish candle after four hours of burn time and last cool to a solid for at least two hours of relighting.

● Keep the wick trimmed to 1/2" at all times to burn better and reduce soot.


■ The right pleasure of a scented candle starts with the right burning.
■ The most important thing is the first lighting of the candle - it must be lit properly.
■ Allow the wax to dissolve to the edge of the glass to prevent the formation of an undesirable tunnel.
■ It is important to shorten the wick to 3 mm before each candle is lit, ideally shorten it every 4 hours.
■ We do not recommend burning the candle for more than 4 hours at a time.
■ It is ideal to let it cool for 2 hours.

Best Use

Larger rooms such as kitchen, living / family rooms.

Perfect For


Direction For Use

Burn on protected, heat resistant surface away from other heat sources.
Remove all debris before each lighting.
To reduce soothing, keep wick 1/4" at all times, including when relit.
Avoid using in drafly areas.
Discontinue use when 1/2" of wax remains, as glass may shatter.


Burn within sight.
Keep away from the things that catch live.
Keep away from children and pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ellen ondevilla
Tropical starfruit

Perfect ang scent niya para sa kitchen super fruity scent I like it 😍😍😍😍

Mary Grace Hiwatig

Fruity Scent sya kaya ang nice ng smell nya para sa akin☺

Ellen ondevilla
Tropical starfruit

Super Bango 🥰🥰🥰❤️🥰❤️