Looking for a gift idea? Our egift card is one of the things that you may want to give to your special someone!

Yankee Candle Ph e-Gifts are available in the form e-Gift Certificates which can be redeemed at any Yankee Candle PH store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Yankee Candle e-Gifts?

Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts provides customers with a convenient online service for purchasing and sending Yankee Candle PH e-Gift Certificates to your loved ones anywhere and anytime.

How do I purchase the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts?

You can go to Yankee Candle PH E-Gifts where you can choose e-Gift Certificate. Once you select your preferred Yankee Candle e-gifts amount, you will be redirected to a checkout page of giftaway.

1. Input recipient details & your details

2. Select payment options

3. Click checkout button to proceed

Is there an additional fee/service fee when availing of the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts?

Yes, there is an applicable service fee when purchasing Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts. The service fee varies depending on the chosen mode of payment.

Are Yankee Candle e-Gifts available for redemption nationwide?

Redemption of e-Gift Certificates is available in all Yankee Candle PH stores nationwide and in our website.

How will the customer receive the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts?

The customer will receive the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts via SMS or Email.

Once I have placed my order, how soon will the recipients receive the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts?

Once the payment is approved, the recipient should receive the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts.

How long is the validity of the Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts?

For e-Gift Certificate, there is no expiration date.

Can I partially redeem the amount of e-Gift Certificate in stores?

If purchase is lower than e-Gift Certificate value, no change will be given.

Who can I contact for concerns on my Yankee Candle PH e-Gifts order?

Giftaway Customer Support (e-Gift Certificate): support@giftaway.ph

Do you honor senior citizen / PWD discounts?

For e-Gift Certificate, senior citizen and PWD discounts can be used upon redemption in stores.

Who will secure my personal data and recipient's information?

Your data will be secured and managed by Giftaway (e-Gift Certificate).