Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These 5 Best-Smelling Yankee Candles 

Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These 5 Best-Smelling Yankee Candles 

There are tons of reasons why we love celebrating the Chinese New Year. This special occasion, which usually falls between the latter part of January and the first week of February, invokes a slew of pompous celebrations anchored in rich, colorful, and meaningful Chinese traditions. 

As we prepare for all its festivities this year, it's no secret that we'll also be welcoming in a different zodiac sign altogether. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the year of the tiger—a year brimming with enthusiasm, risk-taking, and adventures.

In this blog, we've rounded up five of our best-loved scented candles, whose scents and colors will surely usher good luck and positive juju into your life this year of the tiger.


Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These 5 Best-Smelling Yankee Candles

Yankee Candle Blueberry Classic Large Jar Candle
Give your living space a fragrance boost with the sweet and soothing aroma of our Blueberry candle. This candle delivers a delightful amalgam of blueberry, raspberry, and cherry notes. It's highlighted by the lasting fragrances of musk and soft violet. 


Classic Jar Large Roseberry Sorbet (1144g)

Yankee Candle Roseberry Sorbet Classic Large Jar Candle
Inspired by a fancy summer refreshment, the bright aroma of our Roseberry Sorbet candle evokes a tangy berry sorbet topped with candied rose petals. This candle is layered with notes of Brazilian grape, orange zest, rose petals, and a sugary hint of vanilla.


Classic Jar Large Tropical Starfruit (1144g)

Yankee Candle Tropical Starfruit Classic Large Jar Candle
Slip away from the bustles of pandemic life with the refreshing scent of our Tropical Starfruit candle. The sweet and fresh notes of lemongrass, ginger, and woodsy botanicals will surely captivate your senses, making your overall mood elevated. 


Signature Collection 2 Wick Tumbler Large Bahama Breeze™ (1078g)


Yankee Candle Bahama Breeze Signature Candle
Prep up for the fun summer days with the rejuvenating fragrance of our Bahama Breeze candle! Experience a thirst-quenching scentscapade with its perfect blend of notes of pineapple, passion fruit, mango, and an assortment of tropical fruits. The setting note of musk also accentuates this candle. 


Classic Jar Large Cliffside Sunrise (1144g)

Yankee Candle Cliffside Sunrise Classic Large Jar Candle
Our Cliffside Sunrise candle takes its cue from a warm morning breeze carrying exotic fruits and floral notes. The soothing fragrances of sparkling wine nectar and praline make its overall scent extra welcoming. 

The pandemic may have hampered our daily lives, but just like a tiger, we'll keep hurtling toward greater heights and making our claws visible against all hurdles we might face along the way—of course, with the help of these enlivening scents!


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