10 easy holiday recipes for your Christmas dinner party

10 easy holiday recipes for your Christmas dinner party

Come December, your holiday to-do list will seemingly be without end. From decking your house with dazzling Christmas decorations to shopping for and wrapping unique gifts, you're looking at a packed calendar. These tasks could leave you stressed and overwhelmed.

However, going over this festive season should not be such a pain. There are lots of ways to ease the stress and fully embrace the Christmas spirit while pushing through your busy schedule. 

In preparing your holiday dishes, for instance, there's no need to complicate things. Whether you're up for something traditional such as glazed ham, or something unique like fruity tartlets, there is surely a foolproof holiday recipe for a busy bee like you.

There's no need to waste time searching the internet and your collection of cookbooks. We've summed up 10 easy crowd-pleasing holiday recipes from The Oprah Magazine that will make your COVID-safe Christmas party one to remember.

Christmas Tree Spinach Breadsticks
This Christmas version of gooey spinach and cheese pull-apart bread will surely add magic to your table. 

Glazed Ham
You can never go wrong with serving this scrumptious holiday classic! 

Baked Brie Puffs
Pull off a fun, enjoyable Christmas party with these easy-to-make cheesy bites topped with sweet jam and crunchy pistachios.

Olive Balls
You’re sure to have enough starters for your guests as this finger food is easy to make in large quantities.

Mushroom Fontina Flatbread With Crispy Sage
Flatbread is always a crowd-pleasing appetizer that works well on a buffet.

Deep-Fried Turkey
Where are our deep-fried food lovers at? Try this fresh new take on the traditional Thanksgiving meal. 

Roasted Butternut Squash French Breads
Make your guests feel welcome in your lovely home with this loaded, flavorful vegetable baguette pizza.

Cranberry Brie Tartlets
There is nothing more heavenly than the combination of luscious cranberries and melted Brie cheese.

Pear Salad
Serve something nice and fresh alongside the hearty main meal, like this salad studded with pears, candied walnuts, pomegranate, red onion, and crumbled blue cheese. 

Herb and Butter Roasted Beef Tenderloin
If you want to impress your guests, beef tenderloin is the way to go. This classic cut of meat goes perfectly with a brush of brown butter and herbs.

Pro-tip: If you wish to amp your Christmas party up a notch, filling your home with our best-loved Yankee Candle holiday home fragrances is always a great idea! 

While Filipinos traditionally pull out all the stops for Christmas, there is also nothing wrong with a simple celebration. After all, this season should be regarded not with stress and overwhelming responsibilities, but with heartwarming moments with your loved ones that you’ll cherish for years to come. 


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