6 Must-Have Scented Candles to make your Home, or Space, smell like Christmas

6 Must-Have Scented Candles to make your Home, or Space, smell like Christmas

As the cold holiday breeze blows, there is no better way to cozy up than to bask in the warmth of scented candles. 

Whichever scent you prefer—whether it's the crisp notes of frost-covered pine trees or the sweet, cheerful aroma of Christmas morning—there's no question about how scented candles can take the holiday spirit up a notch. 

Put your other home décor aside as we share these seven must-have scented candles that will help set a more festive mood in your home or space this season.

Yankee Candle A Night Under the Stars



Jumpstart the turn of the season by delighting in the woody and spicy fragrance of our A Night Under The Stars candle.

This candle is known for its take on merrymaking under the enchanting night sky. Feel like you’re basking in the crisp holiday weather with its soothing and delicate mesh of rose, leather, driftwood, and the lasting musky aroma of patchouli and cedarwood. 


Yankee Candle Warm And Cozy


As the days are getting shorter and colder, our Warm and Cozy candle will make you want to wrap up in a warm, soft blanket while hunkering down with a cup of hot tea in your hands. This candle delivers a revitalizing mix of crisp, fresh notes of cedar, cashmere, eucalyptus, and the setting wintery notes of lit firewood and musk. 


Yankee Candle All Is Bright

Wallow in the magic of holiday festivities with the zesty aroma of our All Is Bright candle. With its gentle blend of sparkling citrus scents such as grapefruit, orange, and red currant drifting on warm musk, this candle will surely make your Christmas celebration much brighter!


Yankee Candle Happy Morning 

Classic Jar Large Happy Morning (1144g)


No matter how old you are, waking up to the delight of Christmas morning is indeed a magical moment. The cheerful fragrance of our Happy Morning candle will surely bring out your inner child. This candle is bursting with the sweet and bright notes of mixed berries, evergreens, and caramel. 

Yankee Candle Holiday Hearth


Nothing warms up the cold holiday atmosphere like a cozy gathering in front of the fireplace; all decked out with festive décor. Our Holiday Hearth candle sparks up the beauty of holiday traditions with its spicy notes of cinnamon, anise, and clove, as well as the sugary hints of vanilla cream.


Yankee Candle Winter Glow


Inspired by a calm afternoon stroll through a snow-covered thoroughfare lushed with frosted evergreens and trees, the exuberating scent of our Winter Glow candle will put you in high spirits! This candle delivers a harmonious combination of refreshing notes of orange, eucalyptus, lavender, and the lasting aromas of white cedar and golden amber.

Andy Williams is right: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. We can make this festive celebration even more magical if we are all at home with our loved ones, indulging in the holiday warmth brought by our best-loved scented candles.

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