SPOTLIGHT: Yankee Candle Weddings

SPOTLIGHT: Yankee Candle Weddings

It is no surprise that the wedding industry has taken a hard hit from the unsparing strike of the coronavirus pandemic. Wedding-related businesses such as event venues and vendors and a vast-majority of to-be-weds have been left with no choice but to modify their plans and consciously adapt to the uncertainties posed by the new normal.

Additionally, the pandemic has also paved the way for a suite of wedding options by uprooting the traditional wedding day format in light of the imposed health and safety protocols. While most couples have opted out of pushing through with their wedding plans in the meantime, some are determined in tying the knot amid the pandemic by going for a smaller and more intimate ceremony.

This shift in the wedding landscape presents an opportunity for wedding clients and professionals alike to carry on with their businesses and overcome the lasting effects of the pandemic until the imminent rebirth of the industry. 

Creating a “scent” of hope and support
Yankee Candle Philippines with Perfect Serenity Bliss Inc. launches an online campaignYankee Candle Weddings—that aims to help the wedding industry and its stakeholders navigate these challenging times. 

Yankee Candle Weddings focuses on showcasing local wedding vendors (organizers, stylists, photographers, caterers, etc.) and featuring various intimate wedding ideas and concepts. This initiative also takes its cue from bringing in awareness to what Yankee Candle products can do to give hope and support to the scrambling industry while ensuring that couples get the wedding of their dreams—extra special and worth remembering. 

Yankee Candle Philippines offers a vast array of evocative scents that can help couples not only set an enthralling atmosphere on their special day but also find the perfect wedding favors for their guests.

Check out our collection of wedding candles here.

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