Slow Down and Listen to These 5 Uplifting Local Podcasts

Slow Down and Listen to These 5 Uplifting Local Podcasts

Do you ever feel like bustling toward a pile of deadlines? Or it's been months—if not years—since you've had a holiday? Do you feel like caving into all the stressors and raising the mortifying white flag? 

Nowadays, it's a challenge to take a big deep breath and decompress everyday life's demands—considering “new normal” struggles amplified by heaps of social and political issues hovering around us. But regardless of all this, we can't emphasize enough how important it is to slow down and unplug from everything that's been bugging you. 

In this blog, we've rounded up five local podcasts to help you relax and feel inspired, whether you're a home buddy or gladiator in a suit. Want to make this pampering experience extra special? Why not tie it with our array of fragrances from our Well Living Collection?

Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca

If you're looking for a podcast that will motivate and uplift you amid all the uncertainties, try listening to Small Talk! With Alex Cuenca. This relatively intimate podcast touches on self-improvement. Content creator Alex Cuenca delves into the different aspects of one's life that many of us are looking to improve on—from family and romantic relationships to business, sports, and mental health.

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Good Mornings with Nicole and Prax


Aside from the stimulating aroma of freshly brewed coffee or the mouthwatering savor of your mom's garlic-intensive sinangag, real-life couple Nicole and Prax's weekly conversations about life lessons, inspiring stories, and mindsets will also make your mornings better. This podcast is all about celebrating yourself and finding new positive meanings in your daily life.

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Sleeping Pill with Inka

It's difficult to find solace and calm whenever anxiety creeps into your mind—especially when you're off to hit the hay. Luckily, well-known voice actor Inka Magnaye unselfishly gives out our "sleeping pill" through her soothing ASMR podcast. In Sleeping with Inka, she reads out parts and snippets from classic literary pieces to books to help clear your mind, relax your physical being, and eventually, bring some much-needed rest.

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The Eve's Drop

Suppose the idea of being vulnerable enough to talk about your mental health freely is still a bit staggering. In that case, this podcast hosted by Delamar Arias, Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor will help you get past that. These ladies have been open about their relatable life experiences in an unfiltered and raw fashion that leave their listeners laughing or crying their hearts out. The Eve's Drop revolves around womanhood, love, life, mental health, personal growth, and relationships that will make you feel safe and inspired along the way. 

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Telebabad Tapes

Have you ever wanted to press rewind and go back to the good ol' days? Merely let those heart-warming memories take you on a nostalgic escapade? This podcast will remind you of the hours-long conversations on the landline, talking about everything and anything under the sun. Hosted by art director CJ de Silva and filmmaker Wincy Ong, Telebabad Tapes tackles topics about pop culture then and now, real-life experiences, and more!

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