‘Should I push through my wedding this year?’ | Yankee Candle Weddings

‘Should I push through my wedding this year?’ | Yankee Candle Weddings

For years, Conquering Milestones Events has been catering to the varying needs and preferences of a discerning clientele. As a premier full-service event coordination company, they are deeply anchored in their commitment to creating distinctive yet premium quality gatherings and events—ranging from birthdays and weddings to business dinners and conferences.

When the pandemic happened, the company had unquestionably been thrown a curveball. “Coordinating social events during this pandemic has been the most challenging experience we have stumbled upon as an events planner,” said Nikki Abella, owner of Conquering Milestones Events. “We’ve always been used to preparing my clients ahead of schedule because cramming is a big no for our team, but due to this pandemic, our ability as an event coordinator to deal with adjustments and be versatile was really put into test.”

However, despite the uncertainties, Ms. Abella and her team have never lost their optimism. They even advise their wedding clients to be undeterred by the pandemic in pushing their plans through.

What are the pros and cons of pushing an intimate wedding amid the pandemic?
From a bird’s eye view, getting married in the middle of a pandemic might be a ridiculous idea. But on the other hand, it’s actually a practical choice especially if you are mostly considering your wedding budget. The smaller the event is, the lesser your expense will be. As we go through intimate events, we’ve realized that as long as you are surrounded by the most important people in your lives, you’d still feel complete and happy to finally get married, may it be in a hall filled with 200 people or a room with twenty guests. 


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Could you share some intimate wedding concepts/ideas feasible in our current situation?
It is important that you observe the minimum health standards. I suggest having your event done in an open space area; limit the number of guests to 50 and refrain from inviting kids and senior citizens to avoid the risk of them getting infected. For the souvenirs, you may consider giving away sanitizers and alcohol. Maintain social distancing, and if possible, have the meals plated, not buffet style. 

Any piece of advice for couples who are planning to get married this year? 
Go for it! We'll never be able to forecast when all of this will reach its end, so if you have the means, do it now. Tomorrow is never promised. As long as you are marrying the love of your life, everything is going to be fine.

Here’s an easy way to make your wedding day extra special
There is no need to struggle drumming up something extraordinary to make your wedding stand out among the rest. Whether you go for a classy setup or a simple one, it's no secret how setting up a scent-scape can completely transform such an occasion into something magical and worth remembering.

Yankee Candle Philippines offers a vast array of evocative scents that can help you not only set an enthralling atmosphere at your wedding, but also find the perfect favors for your guests. From classic favorites like Lemon Lavender and Balsam and Cedar, to new and popular fragrances like Pink Sands and Fresh Cut Roses, it's almost improbable that you would run out of options.

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