5 Biggest No-No’s in Planning a Pandemic Wedding | Weddings with Yankee Candle

5 Biggest No-No’s in Planning a Pandemic Wedding | Weddings with Yankee Candle

Planning a wedding in a pandemic poses various dilemmas that often lead to overwhelming frustration and stress for the bridal couple. With all the restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, having slips amid the wedding planning journey is quite common.

But how do couples ensure they are not making the same mistakes over and over again? Renowned events stylist Gideon Hermosa shares with Perfect Serenity Bliss the five biggest no-no's in planning a pandemic wedding and how to avoid them.

Don't panic.
Nothing goes right when you let yourself be plagued by worries and anxious thoughts—especially when you're in the course of putting up the most special day in your life. For Gideon, couples must be having fun and making the most out of their wedding planning.

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"Couples should always remember that this is a once-in-lifetime event, so they need to enjoy every moment and all the hurdles that go along with it," he says. "For them to not be overshadowed by any negative feelings, they should understand that it's completely normal to encounter various problems while planning their dream weddings."

Don't Over-invite.
As we continuously navigate the changes brought about by the new normal, couples are helmed into the tricky quagmire of narrowing down their guest lists.

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"Since the safety protocols imposed by our government are constantly changing, it is important that they are always well updated," says Gideon. "What if the government only allows a 30-pax wedding, for instance, but a couple has already invited 50 guests? How are they able to uninvite 20 of them?"

He also adds that couples seriously need to deliberately identify those who must be invited by creating three lists of potential guests, organized in order of priority. 

There’s no harm in going all-out.
Hey, it's your wedding day, and nothing should keep you from pulling out all the stops—not even the pandemic. Although everything is in the throes of uncertainty, your eagerness to make this special day extra magical is unquestionable.

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Sure, all couples have something awe-inspiring up their sleeves to wow their guests during the celebration. And to make sure that everything is in place, Gideon suggests asking for guidance from their commissioned wedding vendors, "List down all your ideas and share them with your suppliers so that you know what is doable and not.” 

Be prudent in availing supplier discounts and promos.
With too-good-to-be-true supplier discounts and promos springing up nowadays, Gideon, as a supplier himself, reminds couples to be prudent as to which offer to avail. "Just because it looks enticing doesn't mean it's worth it," he says. "Don't get fooled with what they offer."

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He also adds that before jumping into whatever decision, couples need to be thorough in the nitty-gritty of their planning, "I suggest, list down your priority suppliers and check everything because at the end of the day it's your dream wedding."

Don’t give up.
It is no surprise that most couples had to postpone their weddings due to COVID-19, but despite this unfortunate reality, for couples who are firm in pushing through with their wedding plans, Gideon advises to stick with them by any means. 

"Don't give up," he says. "Above all, what's important is that you love each other and that whatever happens, the wedding must go on."

Here’s an easy way to make your wedding day extra special
There is no need to struggle drumming up something extraordinary to make your wedding stand out among the rest. Whether you go for a classy setup or a simple one, it's no secret how setting up a scent-scape can completely transform such an occasion into something magical and worth remembering.

Photo from Gideon Hermosa

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