Make your road trip extraordinary with these five revitalizing car air fresheners

Make your road trip extraordinary with these five revitalizing car air fresheners

Once the world has recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, there might be nothing more satisfying than hitting the highway and quenching that thirst for wanderlust. Going on a road trip, whether alone or with your loved ones, is definitely a fun way to take your mind off your overwhelming life in the new normal. But let's be honest: considering the extensive preparation required beforehand and the possibility of mind-numbing traffic, taking a trip can also be stressful and exhausting. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of effective ways to alleviate this stress and anxiety. Nowadays, most travelers are into car aromatherapy because of its array of health benefits. The use of essential oils and diffusers as car accessories is proven to be helpful in boosting both physical and mental health, keeping you focused and stress-free while traveling. 


Get your car ready and try any of these five revitalizing car air fresheners to make your road trips more relaxed and fun!

Car Powered Kit Pink Sands With Free Refill (57g)

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Car-Powered Diffuser 
Tired of being drowned by the bustling chaos of traffic? The luminous scent of Pink Sands Car-Powered Diffuser will pick you back up with its mix of bright citrus, sweet florals, and the lasting notes of spicy vanilla and musk. 

Car Powered Kit Midsummer Night With Free Refill (57g)

Yankee Candle Midsummer Night Car-Powered Diffuser 
Keeping your car freshly scented is key to having an awesome getaway. The Midsummer Night Car-Powered Diffuser will make your road trip extra special with its strong yet delicate blend of musk, lavender, and mahogany cologne. It is accentuated with the pleasant aroma of cedarwood, juniper berry, and sage.

Car Jar Ultimate Color Me Happy (27g)

Yankee Candle Color Me Happy Car Jar Ultimate
Whether you hang it from your rearview mirror or stash it elsewhere, the Color Me Happy Car Jar Ultimate is the perfect treat for a happy traveler like you. Its refreshing aroma of lush mango, peach, and sweet vanilla will bring out the stirring excitement of hitting the road and discovering new places.

Car Jar Ultimate Lemon Lavender (27g)

Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Car Jar Ultimate
Make your car smell clean and inviting with the Lemon Lavender Car Jar Ultimate. This car air freshener is known for its powdery-fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus, lavender flowers, and eucalyptus. It is also layered with hints of different spices and the setting aroma of sweet vanilla.

Car Jar Ultimate New Car Scent (27g)

Yankee Candle New Car Scent Car Jar Ultimate
Want to keep your car smelling like new on the inside for longer? The New Car Scent Car Jar Ultimate has got you covered! With its authentic, crisp aroma and ability to neutralize bad odors, it will smell like you're taking your car on a ride for the first time.

At the end of the day, road trips should be fun and enjoyable. Buckle up and get your engine started for a memorable and stress-free riding experience, enhanced by the perfect scent to keep you company.

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