If you're a pandemic bride, here's what you need to know | Yankee Candle Weddings

If you're a pandemic bride, here's what you need to know | Yankee Candle Weddings

The COVID-19 pandemic has stripped away a lot of what we expect from weddings: the pageantry, the ceremony, the large number of guests. BusinessWorld spoke with bridal designer Patricia “Patty” Pascual about love in the time of corona. 

There are two kinds of brides: practical and optimistic.
Amid the pandemic, Ms. Pascual has met two kinds of brides: the practical ones who take advantage of discounts offered by suppliers and get married in intimate ceremonies—with guests participating via Zoom;  and the optimistic ones, who believe in their hearts that they’ll have the wedding of their dreams in 2021.

In terms of design, bridal gowns are going minimalist while face masks are statement pieces.
Fully beaded ball gowns with full skirts and detachable long trains are out. “We’re into delicate silhouettes that are very modest,” said Ms. Pascual. To make a statement, brides can choose from custom face masks. “It’s the new accessory during weddings,” said Ms. Pascual, who offers face masks bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. “You’re still sparkling on your wedding day.”

(Grooms, don’t fret: Ms. Pascual can match your mask to your suit.)

Push through with your wedding—but follow health protocols—Ms. Pascual recommends. 
“Everything is discounted,” she reasoned, adding that a guest list of under 10 persons—in keeping with community quarantine guidelines for social gatherings—will also cut costs. “I’m a very practical designer.” 

And if you’re an optimistic bride holding out for your dream wedding? “Continue with your planning, don’t stress yourself—you need to be healthy on your big day,” said Ms. Pascual.— BusinessWorld

The original version of this article was published on October 5, 2020 at bworlonline.com, as a complementary piece for the BusinessWorld B-Side episode "Love in the Time of Corona(virus): Pandemic Brides."



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