'To all couples out there, just go for it!' | Yankee Candle Weddings

'To all couples out there, just go for it!' | Yankee Candle Weddings

Flowers can easily transform mundane events into remarkable memories. They have the power to add great depth and enhance the look and the atmosphere of any gathering, may it be a birthday, family reunion, or a wedding. For all that, flowers also represent a billion-dollar industry that has taken a blow from the ruthless coronavirus pandemic. 

However, for most—if not all—Filipino florists, it has been a different story. Many flower boutique owners have endured loss while some are steadily braving through the catastrophic impact of COVID-19; one of them is Zayra Bulawan, founder and owner of Cora Mina Floral Boutique. 

Photo by Matt Lee | Wedding Bouquet by Cora Mina Floral Boutique

For Ms. Bulawan, tackling the pandemic, as a florist, is not as complicated as many of us thought it would be; it's all just a matter of perspective. “I believe that our industry is still breathing and surviving,” she said. “The struggles that all of us are currently dealing with don’t mean we should consider ourselves being on the losing end.”

Cora Mina Floral Boutique is founded upon ingenuity and an unwavering passion for giving their patrons only the best service they can offer. While the pandemic appears to persist for the long haul, Ms. Bulawan assures her wedding clients that it will remain business as usual at Cora Mina. “Weddings and unions are a huge part of people’s lives; with our creativity and positive proposition, we can expect more project engagements.” 

What are the pros and cons of pushing an intimate wedding amid the pandemic?
Basically, one can have a solemn and romantic wedding effortlessly. Laidback and cozy celebrations are not that hard to conceptualize anymore, given the limitations and safety protocols that we have to follow. From our end, as artists and suppliers, having so many restraints on everything, we are challenged to innovate and pivot our design directions. We are discovering more creative ways to make celebrations unique and memorable. On the other side, it’s heartbreaking to celebrate milestones in life without all the important people which have been part of the couples’ love story. 

Photo by Eugene Perez

Photo by Eugene Perez | Floral Bouquet by Cora Mina Floral Boutique

Could you share some intimate wedding concepts/ideas feasible in our current situation?
For us at Cora Mina, sustainable floristry is the way to go. Even pre-pandemic, this is our default core design objective: using all-natural materials with minimal wastage and destruction to the environment. It’s also a nice idea to add scented candles, randomly scattered in the table spread and even on floors to highlight corners and focal points. 

Any piece of advice for couples who are planning to get married this year? 
To all couples out there, just go for it! Once you have decided and committed to a lasting relationship, it is just right to plan your wedding as you wish.  

For your fellow vendors?
Let’s help the industry get through these difficult times by providing our clients the best service we can offer.

Here’s an easy way to make your wedding day extra special
There is no need to struggle drumming up something extraordinary to make your wedding stand out among the rest. Whether you go for a classy setup or a simple one, it's no secret how setting up a scent-scape can completely transform such an occasion into something magical and worth remembering.

Yankee Candle Philippines offers a vast array of evocative scents that can help you not only set an enthralling atmosphere at your wedding, but also find the perfect favors for your guests. From classic favorites like Lemon Lavender and Balsam and Cedar, to new and popular fragrances like Pink Sands and Fresh Cut Roses, it's almost improbable that you would run out of options.

For inquiries about our wedding and gift packages, you may message us on the following pages:
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To know more about Cora Mina Floral Boutique, visit www.facebook.com/coraminamanila or contact them at 0928 450 5701 and coraminamanila@gmail.com.

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