Check out these fun and clever ways to upcycle your empty Yankee Candle containers

Check out these fun and clever ways to upcycle your empty Yankee Candle containers

We can’t emphasize enough how scented candles can illuminate any room and enhance its atmosphere thoroughly. As candle lovers, we often succumb to the gratifying experience they give until the experience ends when we reach the end of the wick.

Even as your favorite candles eventually burn down to their very last traces of wax, you can still make use of the containers—whether as essential décor pieces, organizers for your trinkets, or cradles for your plants—in your home. Yup, there’s no need to chuck them in the bin or let them languish somewhere in your basement, attic, or cupboard—especially now that the holidays are fast approaching! 

In this blog, we share some fun and clever upcycling ideas you can do to give your empty Yankee Candle containers a new lease on life.

What’s-for-Dinner Jar

What to Do:

  • First, remove any leftover wax from your candle jar (Tip: look online to find the safe method that works best for you).
  • Write down the names of all the recipes you’ve been dying to try out on a sheet of paper or sticky notes.
  • Cut out the names in strips of the same size and shape (you can also fold sticky notes in half to hide them).
  • Put the paper strips inside the jar.
  • Optionally, make a fun label for your jar!
  • Now, the next time you’re not sure what to make, pull a recipe name out of your jar for a delightful surprise!

DIY Flower Vase

What to Do:

  • Start with a clean, empty vessel by removing any leftover wax and your candle’s easy-peel label.
  • Make a grid using tape placed across the opening of your jar to help support your floral arrangement.
  • Layer in flowers and greenery of different sizes to create your unique design.

Halloween Character Jars

Frankenstein’s Monster
What to do:

  • Line a Large Tumbler Candle jar with green tissue paper, place battery-operated fairy lights inside, and glue the construction paper face shapes and hair. 
  • The hair is key in making him come to life. Add the hairpiece to the rim of the lid for a seamless transition!

What to do:

  • Stuff your Original Medium Jar Candle jar with some orange pipe cleaners. These tinsel stems will allow the fairy lights to shine through and mimic the shape and texture of a pumpkin. 
  • Glue the black construction paper eyes, mouth, and nose to the jar.

What to do:

  • Carefully line the interior of an Original Large Jar Candle jar with tissue. 
  • Add fairy lights inside. 
  • Add the face using the same technique as the others: construction paper and glue!

Holiday Character Jars

What to do:

  • Use white acrylic paint to paint on his beard and mustache. For a hair-like texture, make circular strokes with a small stiff brush. You can also use cotton balls as an alternative. 
  • Add eyes and rosy cheeks with dry-erase markers. 
  • Next, line the jar with skin-toned tissue paper. 
  • For the hat, stuff the palm of a knit red glove with tissue, and cinch the fingers together with a rubber band. 
  • Finally, stitch the pom-pom to the top of the glove. Put the glove right onto the lid of the jar.

What to do:

  • Use hot-glue to attach small black buttons to large white buttons for the eyes. Attach the eyes and a medium black button (for the nose) to the jar with hot glue. 
  • Draw a mouth with a black marker. Line the jar with a brown paper bag, then add twigs for antlers.

The options when it comes to repurposing your empty candle containers are genuinely endless. If you have a fun or easy upcycling idea to share, let us know in the comment section below!

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