Don’t let your end table be an afterthought

Don’t let your end table be an afterthought

It is no secret that end tables may be insignificant for some. Often, they tend to be an afterthought. But to us, they are some of the most important furniture pieces one needs to own. 

Choosing the perfect end table that matches the overall ambiance of your living space is one thing, but styling it is another feat to work on. It takes several rounds of trial and error before sprucing up something that seamlessly aligns with your aesthetics.

Styling end tables can be tricky since you aren’t working with much space, but don’t worry; we’ve listed four fool-proof design ideas that can turn your end table into an essential decorative element in your living space.

Add Florals or Greenery

Living or faux, it’s always a perfect idea to add a wreath of flowers or lush greenery into your end table décor. Whether picked from your garden or bought from a local flower shop, these beautiful add-ons will indeed exude much life in your living space.

Personal touches are key

What better way to make your living space more personal and homey than flaunting a couple of family mementos? Make your end table look welcoming and intentionally styled by placing something meaningful to you on it: a framed photograph of your loved ones, your favorite books, or a ceramic art you made. 

Light it up

Many interior designers believe lamps are one of the most critical considerations when styling an end table. You must be mindful of how much space your light will take up on the table. Striking a balance between your lamp, end table, and other furniture pieces is also crucial—from colors to the overall design. 

Set a nice, calming tone with scented candles

Regardless of how they look or the fragrance notes they possess, scented candles are the perfect decorative pieces that can elevate your table to being a classy conversation starter whenever your loved ones come over. 

But of course, like what we mentioned earlier, adorning your end table requires tedious planning on how many items can fit. And if you’re thinking of concocting a candlescape, you might want to check out our newest Yankee Candle Minis! 

Enjoy your best-loved Yankee Candle fragrances in smaller, compact, and more adorable decorative signature vessels. So if you want to mix and match or rally several of the same scents, you definitely can! 

We really can’t emphasize enough how much we love end tables! Yes, making it an essential décor piece can be pretty complex, but if you follow the nuts and bolts of styling it, it can be as easy as Sunday morning. End tables deserve to be at the forefront of our go-to furniture pieces.

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