Create a refreshing ambiance at home with our reed diffusers

Create a refreshing ambiance at home with our reed diffusers

For almost a year, our homes have been serving as our place of respite from all the hurdles that COVID-19 brought about. With this, we've learned to fully adjust to the restrictions of the new normal by engaging ourselves in certain kinds of activities that somehow help us keep our sanity intact; one of them is indulging in the comfort of home fragrances.

Although there are plenty of air freshener options in the market, reed diffusers quite stand out. They are deemed to be the easiest and safest way to create a relaxing ambiance in every area of your home. Unlike electric air fresheners or scented candles, reed diffusers don't require any plugs or flames. They only use wooden sticks or reeds to disperse the scent from the aroma oil into the air. With their decorative little vases, reed diffusers can also blend perfectly with your interior’s aesthetics. 

Looking for the best reed diffuser to refresh your home? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out these best-smelling reed diffusers from our flameless fragrance collection.

Decor Reed Clean Cotton (506g)

Yankee Candle Decor Reed Clean Cotton
Want to make your living room smell clean and inviting? The refreshing scent of our Clean Cotton Decor Reed has your back! This reed diffuser offers a delicate mix of sun-dried cotton, greens, white flowers, and a hint of lemon. It is also highlighted by the setting notes of cedar and musk.

Decor Reed Midnight Jasmine (506g)

Yankee Candle Decor Reed Midnight Jasmine
Create a warm and calming atmosphere in your bedroom with our Midnight Jasmine Decor Reed. Its relaxing aroma of white flowers, rose, passion fruit, and jasmine will surely help you get a decent night’s sleep.

Decor Reed Sage & Citrus (506g)

Yankee Candle Decor Reed Sage and Citrus
Improve the air quality in your home with the fresh and cool aroma of our Sage and Citrus Decor Reed. With its natural blend of earthy sage, talc, and lemon-lime, this reed diffuser is definitely a must-have for a fresh-smelling home.

Decor Reed Sicilian Lemon (506g)

Yankee Candle Decor Reed Sicilian Lemon
When life gives you lemons, freshen up your home with them! The crisp and zesty aroma of our Sicilian Lemon Decor Reed will instantly turn your home into the balmy and blissful haven you want it to be.  

Decor Reed Black Cherry (506g)

Yankee Candle Signature Reed Black Cherry
Give your home office a quick uplift with the sweet and indulgent scent of our Black Cherry Signature Reed. With its fine mix of bergamot, maraschino cherry juices, lemon zest, and blackberry jam, this reed diffuser will help you boost your mood and productivity.

Whether you want to set a more enlivening environment for yourself or make your guests feel welcome, our reed diffusers are the best way to get there. 

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