Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more people have been heavily dependent on technology. For many of us working, we've learned to conform with the concept of telecommuting, also called remote working, which left us confined within the parameters of our computers through various screen-sharing applications such as Zoom and Google Meet.

Flexible work options pose as a big equalizer in the modern-day workforce. Many women are thriving in their respective jobs and have successfully overcome the concept of remote working. However, some find this change in the workplace landscape somewhat stressful and overwhelming—especially for those who have a hard time tracing the lines between rest, family, and work.

We know that taking a break nowadays isn't as easy as you thought it would be as a working woman. That's why we've listed down five of our most relaxing aroma diffuser blends that you can use after a hard day's work.

Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Aroma Diffuser Blend
Layered with the powdery-fresh blend of tangy lemon, lavender, and the sweet aroma of vanilla, our Lemon Lavender Aroma Diffuser Blend can surely make your space extra refreshing and comforting. 

Yankee Candle Sage and Citrus Aroma Diffuser Blend
Give yourself a delightful treat with the fresh and cool scent of our Sage and Citrus Aroma Diffuser Blend. This aroma oil is a must-have if you wish to uplift your mood with its natural amalgamation of earthy sage, talc, and lemon lime.

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Aroma Diffuser Blend
Are you tired of being drowned in work? Take a break and revel in the enlivening scent of our Pink Sands Aroma Diffuser Blend. This aroma oil will pick you back up with its mix of bright citrus, sweet florals, and the lasting notes of spicy vanilla and musk.

Yankee Candle Lavender Vanilla Aroma Diffuser Blend
Create an oasis of tranquility with the soothing aroma of our Lavender Vanilla Aroma Diffuser Blend. Bask in the comfort of fresh lavender and warm vanilla, accentuated with the evocative scents of musk and bergamot. 

Yankee Candle Midsummer Night Aroma Diffuser Blend
Amp up your relaxation game with the refreshing scent of our Midsummer Night Aroma Diffuser Blend. This aroma oil will envelop your senses with its strong yet delicate mix of musk, lavender, and mahogany cologne. 

Working from home doesn't guarantee you a work-life balance. Yet, you should always find time to take a break, recharge, and relax in the comfort of our aroma diffuser blends.

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