Best Candle Holders To Purchase For Your Premium Home Fragrance Treats

Best Candle Holders To Purchase For Your Premium Home Fragrance Treats

Indeed, lighting candles can be very relaxing, especially when you're burning off your go-to fragrances. It also always adds a touch of luxury to any occasion, whether a dinner party with friends or a simple family gathering. 

However, leaving behind oodles of messy melted wax isn't fun, which is where candle holders come in! Although choosing the perfect candle holders for your home can be pretty tricky—especially if you're unsure what to look out for—that's why we've pooled together some of our best, sleek-looking, and décor-friendly candle holders to help you out!

If your goal is a colorful glow, these votive candle holders will surely complement the welcoming vibe you're aiming for in your living space with their unique patterns and contemporary designs:

Maize Metal Beige (Votive Candle Holder)

PRICE: Php659.00

Fall Leaf (Votive Candle Holder)

PRICE: Php659.00

Ombre Forest Wood (Votive Candle Holder)

PRICE: Php659.00

Home Coming (Votive Candle Holder)

PRICE: Php659.00

Modern Pinecone (Votive Candle Holder)

PRICE: Php659.00

Suppose you're up to providing your best-loved Yankee Candle Original Jar Candles with a distinctive, personal touch that blends seamlessly into your room's aesthetics. In that case, these jar candle holders are the perfect accessories to cop:

Lantern Sheridan (Jar Holder) 

PRICE: Php1,395.00

Savoy Purple Crackle (Jar Holder)

PRICE: Php1,249.00

Grange (Jar Holder)

PRICE: Php1,249.00

Ombre Forest Wood (Jar Holder)


PRICE: Php2,699.00

Twilight Dusk (Jar Holder)

PRICE: Php1,759.00

Are you thinking of gifting a fellow candle lover with any of our candle holders? Visit to see more of our candle holder options! 

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