Achieving your dream wedding amid the pandemic is 'definitely possible' | Yankee Candle Weddings 

Achieving your dream wedding amid the pandemic is 'definitely possible' | Yankee Candle Weddings 

When the coronavirus pandemic took hold a year ago, business owners were forced to recalibrate their strategies to keep their businesses afloat. Many have leaned heavily on technology to fully understand and address the varying needs of their clients amid the new normal.

Benj and Lovely's wedding celebration | Ginger Event Styling

Benj and Lovely's wedding celebration | Photo by Louie See | Styling by Ginger Event Styling

Just like any other wedding-related business, Ginger Event Styling—a sought-after wedding and event styling company—has promptly pivoted to bolster its digital presence as they continuously weather the challenges brought about by COVID-19. “Since everything has moved online, we've made sure that we keep a strong presence in all our digital platforms,” said Ginger Gaddi, owner and creative director of the company. “Connecting with our customers and audience in these trying times has never been more important.”

For Ms. Gaddi and her team, it is also important to reach out and let their clients know that they are not alone in dealing with all the pandemic stress, especially those who have planned out their weddings this year. “We are just grateful for the presence of social media. Not only do we unravel the ever-shifting tastes and needs of our wedding clients, but we also get to guide them through their wedding preparations in the midst of the pandemic,” she affirmed.

What are the pros and cons of pushing an intimate wedding amid the pandemic?
Holding an intimate wedding during the pandemic can result in a lot of last-minute adjustments due to the changing safety protocols and policies. But downsizing and adjustments aside, being able to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments in the company of close family and friends is what many of our couples have been thankful for the most during this time.

Paolo and Ira's Wedding
Paolo & Ira's Wedding | Photo by Nice Print Photo | Styling by Ginger Event Styling

Could you share some intimate wedding concepts/ideas feasible in our current situation?
The best wedding concept during this time would definitely have to be home and backyard weddingswhich can easily be achieved with the help of a wedding stylist. It’s not only practical and safe, but it can also give way to extra intimate gatherings with select family members and friends. 

Any piece of advice for couples who are planning to get married this year? 
Achieving your dream wedding is definitely possible despite the pandemic. If you’re still having doubts about going for a small and intimate wedding, just remember that you’re not only doing this for your own safety but for your family, friends, and suppliers as well.

Mike and Bettina's WeddingMike & Bettina's Wedding | Photo by Chestknots Studio | Styling by Ginger Event Styling

For your fellow vendors?
Keep moving forward by being extra present and receptive to new ideas and trends. The situation we’re in may have been completely unprecedented but always remember we’re all in this together. Never hesitate to reach out and you’d be surprised at how many are willing to extend their help! 

Here’s an easy way to make your wedding day extra special
There is no need to struggle drumming up something extraordinary to make your wedding stand out among the rest. Whether you go for a classy setup or a simple one, it's no secret how setting up a scent-scape can completely transform such an occasion into something magical and worth remembering.

Yankee Candle Philippines offers a vast array of evocative scents that can help you not only set an enthralling atmosphere at your wedding, but also find the perfect favors for your guests. From classic favorites like Lemon Lavender and Balsam and Cedar, to new and popular fragrances like Pink Sands and Fresh Cut Roses, it's almost improbable that you would run out of options.

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