8 Best-Smelling Yankee Candles To Light This Rainy Season

8 Best-Smelling Yankee Candles To Light This Rainy Season

It only takes a candle to burn off your heavy downpour blues.

It has been weeks since we've started caving into the crisp, chilly whiff of the monsoon season. While some people find the heavy downpour a real bother, others, like us, take rainy days as an opportune time to unwind and break away from the bustling daily grind. 

Whether it's getting cozy on your snuggly couch while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix or reading a novel with a piping hot cup of cocoa on the side, there's an array of activities available to beat the rainy-day blues. 

But if you merely want to put your feet up, relax, and let the patter of soft rain overtake you, lighting any of these lovely Yankee candles is always a great idea.

Yankee Candle Signature Ocean Air

Signature Collection 2 Wick Tumbler Large Ocean Air (1078g)

Don't let the heavy downpour ruin your day; let our Ocean Air candle's comforting scent wash your worries away. This premium home fragrance gives wafts of jasmine, white amber, and sandalwood, making you feel invigorated throughout your day.

Yankee Candle Signature Beach Walk

Signature Collection 2 Wick Tumbler Large Beach Walk® (1078g)

Picture yourself strolling by the beach on a cloudy morning with a cozy knitted blanket wrapped around your shoulders; that's what our Beach Walk candle smells like. With its refreshing mix of salt water, tangerine, and orange blossom notes, this premium home fragrance will surely make you want to snuggle up on your bed all day.

Yankee Candle Elevation Dark Berries

Elevation Large Dark Berries (1356g)

There's no better way to spend your breezy evening than listening to your favorite tracks and delighting your senses with the sweet fragrance of our Dark Berries candle. Experience a lush and subtle scentscapade with notes of blackberry, rose, peony, cashmere wood, and musk when you light this decorative glim.

Yankee Candle Elevation Coastal Cypress

Elevation Large Coastal Cypress (1356g)

Reminiscent of a refreshing swirl of sea breeze combing through the coastal pines, the clean aroma of our Coastal Cypress candle emanates delicate fragrances of inland iris and orchid, accentuated by the earthy notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk. If you're looking for the perfect bed-weather companion, you'll never go wrong with this candle!

Yankee Candle Well Living Comforting Vanilla & Honey


Well Living Collection Large Comforting Vanilla & Honey Well (1370g)

Our Comforting Vanilla & Honey candle offers a delicate blend of cinnamon, vanilla blossom, and honey milk notes. So if you're planning to spend the entire day doing whatever you love, this premium home fragrance will surely take your me time to a new level.

Yankee Candle Well Living Tranquil Rose & Hibiscus

Well Living Collection Large Tranquil Rose & Hibiscus (1370g)

Feeling mellow this bed weather? Amp your warm, soothing bubble bath with the comforting aroma of our Tranquil Rose & Hibiscus candle! This premium home fragrance conjures a warm and serene atmosphere with its delicate blend of rose, hibiscus, and powdered orris notes.

Yankee Candle Studio Wild Orchid

Studio Collection Wild Orchid (487g)

If you’re a summer person at heart and honestly having a hard time embracing the advent of cooler climes, this candle fits you. Our Wild Orchid candle’s bright, sunny scent evokes the joys of summertime with the harmony of wild orchids, hibiscus, strawberry nectar, and bergamot notes. 

Yankee Candle Studio Pink Sands

Studio Collection Pink Sands™ (487g)

Make your rainy Friday night extra special with the rejuvenating fragrance of our Pink Sands candle. Whether prepping a family dinner or indulging yourself with a DIY spa, this candle's beautiful amalgam of citrus, spicy vanilla, musk, and woody notes will transform your space into a breathtaking haven!

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