7 Wellness-Inspired Candles To Light Up At Home

7 Wellness-Inspired Candles To Light Up At Home

Slow down and delight in the comfort of these scents.

There are many reasons why most people are leaning toward sprucing up their spaces with scented candles. Aside from being merely delightful-smelling, candles are known to encourage the recipient to slow down, relax, and refocus amid the bustling shenanigans of everyday life.

And when it comes to scent, there's a vast selection out there that you can choose from. Whether you're entirely into bright, fruity fragrances, florals, or warm musky notes, you will never find yourself lacking options. Indeed, there's something so therapeutic about going home after a full, exhausting day at work and wallowing in the warm atmosphere conjured by your favorite fragrances. 

In this blog, we've rounded up seven of our best-smelling candles from our Well Living Collection that will take your relaxation game to a whole new level. Hence, an idyllic self-care experience that pierces not only through your senses but also your mind and soul. 


Yankee Candle Well Living Mindful Cypress & Sage

Well Living Collection Large Mindful Cypress & Sage (1370g)

If you're looking for a premium home fragrance that concentrates on taking all your anxieties off your mind, our Mindful Cypress & Sage candle is perfect for you. This delightful treat guarantees to uplift your mood with the calming sea breeze, iris, and sage notes.


Yankee Candle Well Living Revitalizing Ginger & Lemon

Well Living Collection Large Revitalizing Ginger & Lemon (1370g)

Bogged by your seemingly never-ending work? Don't worry; our Revitalizing Ginger & Lemon candle has your back! Give yourself an immediate energy boost with the warm, perky notes of lemon, orange peel, ginger, and cayenne pepper.


Yankee Candle Well Living Romantic Magnolia & Lily

Well Living Collection Large Romantic Magnolia & Lily (1370g)

Say goodbye to anxiety-induced sleepless nights with the restorative scent of our Romantic Magnolia & Lily candle. This premium home fragrance exudes a delicate mix of manolia bloom and lily notes that guarantees a comforting atmosphere through and through in your space. 


Yankee Candle Well Living Comforting Vanilla & Honey

Well Living Collection Large Comforting Vanilla & Honey Well (1370g)

Take a breather from dealing with stacks of paperwork, even for a short while, and revel in the relaxing fragrance of our Comforting Vanilla & Honey candle. Its rich vanilla and honey milk notes, accentuated by the warm notes of cinnamon, will surely take your work-break to the next level.


Yankee Candle Well Living Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe

Well Living Collection Large Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe (1370g)

Want to invite your friends over? Conjure a welcoming atmosphere in your living space with the enlivening fragrance of our Optimistic Lotus Blossom & Aloe candle. This premium home fragrance delivers a revitalizing blend of blue chamomile, lotus blossom, and aloe notes.


Yankee Candle Well Living Balancing Sandalwood & Rose

Well Living Collection Large Balancing Sandalwood & Rose (1370g)

It's always s great idea to spruce up your room and make it a balancing and meditative space. The warm fragrance of our Balancing Sandalwood & Rose candle will help you create your desired atmosphere with notes of sandalwood, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, and the lasting aroma of cumin. 


Yankee Candle Well Living Renewing Coconut & Iris

Well Living Collection Large Renewing Coconut & Iris (1370g)

Always in a bad mood? Turn your frown upside down with the refreshing fragrance of our Renewing Coconut & Iris candle. This premium fragrance offers a perfect amalgam of pink cotton flower, agave, coconut water, and white iris notes, accentuated by the mellow aromas of blonde woods and sandalwood.

True and all, we are living in an overwhelming, fast-paced world. It's always important to remind ourselves that we deserve to do something special for our well-being, and lighting any of these candles is the perfect way to do so.

Check out the rest of our Well Living Collection at www.serenitybliss.com.ph. For more updates on our products and promos, follow us @yankeecandlephilippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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