7 Uplifting Viva Magenta-Inspired Yankee Candle Faves To Ring In 2023 With

7 Uplifting Viva Magenta-Inspired Yankee Candle Faves To Ring In 2023 With

For many of us, the new year poses fresh starts and exciting opportunities. And indeed, nothing can hamper our enthusiasm to create new and lasting memories with our loved ones and bask in the vibrant experiences it has in store for us.

A couple of weeks ago, Pantone announced that Viva Magenta is the color of 2023. The brand describes the shade as a "crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool," which perfectly outlines the vivid characteristics of the coming year—bold, confident, and fearless. 

In this blog, we've rounded up seven best-smelling Viva Magenta-inspired #YankeeCandleFavorites whose uplifting fragrances will surely help make your 2023 bright, bearable, and worthwhile.

Classic Jar Large Black Cherry (1144g)

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Classic Large Jar Candle

Here's the perfect way to ring in the new year. Indulge in the sweet and fruity scent of ripe black cherries with Yankee Candle Black Cherry. This candle will captivate your senses with its delicate blend of bergamot, maraschino cherry juices, lemon zest, and acai berry notes. 

Classic Jar Large Home Sweet Home (1144g)

Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home Classic Large Jar Candle

Foster a living space that is warm and welcoming. The heartwarming aroma of our Home Sweet Home candle offers a delightful mix of apple, cinnamon spice, and cherry notes. The lasting aromas of coumarin and musk also accentuate it.

Classic Jar Large Strawberry (1144g)

Yankee Candle Strawberry Large Jar Candle

Revel with your loved ones this new year by basking in the tonic aroma of our Strawberry candle. The refreshing scent of it, perfectly blended with strawberry, citrus, and peach notes will surely help you get through the dreadful January blues.

Tart Wax Cranberry Chutney (27g)

Yankee Candle Cranberry Chutney Tart Wax

Fill your room with the cozy and fruity fragrance of our Cranberry Chutney tart wax. This premium home scent exquisitely evokes the joyful spirit of Thanksgiving with its delightful amalgam of raspberry, cranberry, and cherry notes. The lasting aromas of iris and orange flower also accentuate the overall throw.

Classic Jar Large Cliffside Sunrise (1144g)

Yankee Candle Cliffside Sunrise Classic Large Jar Candle

Reminiscent of a predawn hike that brings you to an incredible vista with an exhilarating sunrise view, our Cliffside Sunrise candle delivers a revivifying fragrance. This candle makes a perfect new year's treat with its delicate notes of exotic fruits and flowers and the intoxicating scents of praline and sparkling wine nectar.

Elevation Small Cinnamon Bark & Cumin (370g)

Yankee Candle Cinnamon Bark & Cumin Small Elevation Candle

Can't get enough of the most wonderful time of the year? Our Cinnamon Bark & Cumin candle guarantees to hold out the magical holiday spirit longer. This candle's sweet and festive aroma is layered with cinnamon, cumin, muguet, and clove notes. The setting aromas of cedar, musk and vanilla highlight it.

Meltcup Roseberry Sorbet (99g)

Yankee Candle Roseberry Sorbet Meltcup

Evocative of a fancy summer refreshment, the bright aroma of our Roseberry Sorbet candle will take your cozy January evening up a notch. With its exhilarating layers of Brazilian grape, orange zest, rose petals, and vanilla notes, you will undoubtedly fall for your space's ambiance!

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