With the vastness of the Internet, it's pretty improbable not to get caught up with resources that tackle the significance of self-care during the ongoing pandemic. And if you're a homebody through and through, you must have searched for various materials on ways to turn your humble abode into a relaxing sanctuary.

Instead of just staring catatonically out the window or frantically circling your living room—getting overwhelmed by how catastrophic COVID-19 has been—why not shift your focus and redirect your energy to worthwhile activities? Redesigning your home can be an excellent lockdown project. 

In this guide curated by Country Living Magazine, we'll show you seven foolproof ways you can follow to create a calming space at home. These ideas will surely help you breathe life into those tired-looking corners and boost your spirits during quarantine.

Tap into mood-boosting colors

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While the pandemic tossed our joie de vivre out the window, painting our walls in specific colors, including sunshine yellows, cheery red, and rich greens, can help boost our mood and energy to get through the new normal. 

In her interview with Country Living, interior designer Alexandria Dauley shared that color is a huge factor in creating a breathing space at home. "Green is the color of nature. It creates feelings of calm, restfulness, and peace. Yellow is associated with feelings of happiness and cheerfulness, and blue has been found to decrease feelings of anxiety and aggression and lowers blood pressure and heart rates."

Layer up on cozy textures

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What better way to enhance your home's visual appeal, all the while making the ambiance welcoming and comfortable, than having soft and snug accessories? Bringing out delightful textures, whether it's blankets, cushions, or throws, is key to giving your home uplifting vibes.

Bring nature indoors
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Want to connect with nature? Spruce up your living space with fresh foliage, potted plants, and trendy cacti! Aside from its aesthetic perks, having a lush indoor jungle also helps in improving your overall mood.

Give life to old furniture

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No one can deny the inexplicable satisfaction from reviving old, down-on-their-luck pieces of furniture. Instead of regularly replacing broken household items with newer, more modern versions, you can unleash your inner creativity and give them a new lease of life.

"Try changing handles on a chest of drawers, adding a glass top, or giving them a lick of paint for a quick update," Alexandria shared with Country Living. "Chairs and old headboards can be recovered or reupholstered. A rummage at your local salvage yard could offer you some awesome finds."

Declutter your kitchen

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Since the pandemic forced us to shift the status quo, it's no surprise that most of us are increasingly turning to an open-plan world. Kitchens, nowadays, are used for much more than cooking. 

They're classrooms for children, offices for those working at home without a study, and spaces to unwind at the end of an exhausting day. Whatever yours is used for, decluttering your kitchen is a great way to turn it into a perfect place of respite.

Create different zones to work and play ON

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During these challenging times, an open concept calls for the development of multifunctional areas. If you're looking to redesign your living space, consider what each zone area is used for—whether it's for work or relaxation.

Relaxing scents

Lastly, aromatherapy. In making your home a feel-good sanctuary, scents should definitely be one of the top priorities on your list. If you need a little relaxation, opt for rose and lavender. For something to invigorate you in the morning, try notes of citrus, peppermint, and grapefruit.

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Now more than ever, our homes should be places to find rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration. The pandemic may have hampered our day-to-day living, but we're assured of keeping our overall well-being intact with these worthwhile interior design ideas.

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