7 Best Decor Ideas You Can Use To Spruce Up Your Condo  

7 Best Decor Ideas You Can Use To Spruce Up Your Condo  

Turn your condo space from being a bore into a special haven where you can relax and unwind after a hard day's work. 

Whether you're a thriving bachelor/bachelorette or starting your own family, there's no doubt that condo living is one of the best options out there if you're looking for a relatively low-maintenance lifestyle without compromising safety and security. While others find it somewhat impractical compared to owning a single-family residence, a condo lifestyle undeniably offers various opportunities to plug away your daily needs and play around with your creativity. 

We know that fleeting feeling of sprucing your condo space into a comforting haven where you can destress, recharge, and let time overtake you. Decorating it into a home is beyond exciting. However, like any other living space, it can also be a bit overwhelming—from what colors to incorporate to choosing the right furniture and decorative pieces that perfectly encapsulate what the old expression "home sweet home" truly means.

In this blog, we've compiled seven crucial decorating lessons ranging from low-lift tips to major makeovers that will help you create a condo space that isn't just drop-dead gorgeous but, most importantly, unveils your authentic "you."

Make a statement wall.
If you're looking for a creative way to spice up your living space, why not transform an empty wall in your living room into the focal point of your entire interior? You may opt to paint it in a bold hue or whatever color fits your personality or apply some patterned wallpaper and other decorative wall elements. 

Embellish your space with indoor plants.
Can't take looking at a lifeless interior any longer? Or maybe your space is a blank canvas ready for its first splash of color? One of the many ways to amp up your dull, mundane living space is by incorporating some greens. Indoor plants can add just the right amount of charm with their free-form and organic nature and visually pleasing aesthetics. 

Utilize illusions
This interior design idea is perfect for those with limited room space. Placing a mirror will not only double the light within your condo, but it will also give the impression of depth. You may also opt to put up some oversized curtains; installing floor-to-ceiling curtains can make your walls seem taller.

Flaunt your favorite wall art!
In the modern interior, having a statement art—abstract or impressionist—is a must. However, it's key not to go too extra. It's always better to look for a piece that perfectly complements every decorative element of your space. Instead of displaying a series of mini artworks, you can stick to a significant visual art piece, making your room look neat and more appealing.

Choose the right furniture.
Our goal in decking up our living space is basically to make it look clean, good, and inviting. And when picking out your furniture, it's vital to have specific reasons for your pieces—not because it just feels right or it merely looks amazing. Avoid too much furniture, especially if it isn't functional. Instead, go for pieces that blend perfectly with your living space's many aspects and its overall theme.

It's all about lighting.
One way to boost your spirits before heading out to work or taking on some important errands is to make your living space bright and sunny. Natural lighting and conjuring an airy feel are vital to achieving a living space that sets all sorts of warmth and positivity.

Sophisticated candles
Part of condo living is not only ensuring that your living space is aesthetically pleasing but also sprucing it with critical elements that bring forth quality comfort and tranquility—beyond our sense of sight. It's no secret how vital scented candles are in creating a space that also serves as a bastion of thorough relaxation. And with this, Yankee Candle's newest candle collection takes on providing every homeowner with the perfect fragrances they genuinely need and deserve.

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