5 Wedding Trends to expect in the near future | Weddings with Yankee Candle

5 Wedding Trends to expect in the near future | Weddings with Yankee Candle

Aside from the countless challenges to the wedding industry, the pandemic has also changed the way people expect weddings. Gone are the days of having a large number of guests and pageantry as the accepted norm. This year has brought up various fresh ideas that make couples focus more on personalizing every detail of their big day—from the aesthetics, dresses, ceremony, and favors. 

We're looking forward to what is yet to come. Learn more about the wedding trends we see now and on the horizon as renowned events stylist Gideon Hermosa shares five ideas he has in mind.

Using local flowers and materials

Bukidnon Flower Farm

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly compromised the country’s floral industry. Local flower growers witnessed how their businesses heavily wilted. "I remember during the first few months of the pandemic, many flower fields had turned into vegetable farms due to the sinking demand for flowers, which genuinely saddened me as a stylist," Gideon shares. The situation prompted him to create another brand called "Gardens by the House of Hermosa" to help and support the dwindling industry and its stakeholders. 

As our country is gradually opening its economy, Gideon sees a glimmer of light for local suppliers. "Now is the perfect time to back and showcase the works of our local artists and the produce of our local flower growers."

Minimalist but not bare

Photo from Brides.com

It's no secret that the minimalist bug has bitten the wedding industry, paving the way for couples to mount intimate celebrations with straightforward yet chic décor options. There's indeed a striking beauty in the subtle art of minimalism, especially when it's integrated with weddings. 

"Different minimalist takes on both details and aesthetics will surely be on-trend the next months and probably the next year," says Gideon. He also adds that being minimal doesn't equate to being bare, "When we say being minimal, it means that you just need to pick out the essential elements; it's structured and clean."

Intimate destination weddings

Photo from Nuptials.ph

Many couples are now venturing out to tie the knot, whether in international settings or domestic locations, after months of pandemic-era wedding delays. For Gideon, intimate destination weddings will continue to alter the wedding landscape in the following years.

"I have encountered bridal clients who wanted to have their weddings somewhere that's both breathtakingly beautiful and remarkably unexplored," he shares. Gideon also recalls his brother's wedding, which took place at a luxury resort and spa in Nueva Ecija. "Their guests were so interested in the location. They had no idea where it was, so in a way, we got to introduce and promote the place to them."

At-home weddings

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The concept of hosting weddings at home has been in existence for many years now. But it wasn't until the pandemic that this trend blew up and swooned lots of engaged couples over. It indeed poses a myriad of opportunities; that's why Gideon firmly believes it will not fade away anytime soon.

"What I love about an at-home wedding is that it's very intimate and personalized," says Gideon. "I find delight in knowing how couples worked on the existing structures and transformed their safe havens into these stunning event places."

Using bold and bright colors 

Photo from Gideon Hermosa

When planning a wedding, one of the first things a couple decides on is their wedding colors. While they are not as prominent as the other defining features of your big day, such as your dress or your first dance as newlyweds, your wedding color palette subtly ties all the details together into one cohesive theme.

Gideon sees the advent of bold and bright colors at the forefront of wedding styling. “We've seen pastel and neutral colors frequently used for weddings,” shares Gideon. “I think it's about time to tilt the spotlight towards bold and bright colors since couples nowadays are more open to trying new things out of the usual.”

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