5 must-have scented candles to rekindle your fondest memories with your loved ones

5 must-have scented candles to rekindle your fondest memories with your loved ones


Do you ever feel sentimental towards random things or instances, making you contemplate on memories that you've created with your loved ones? When you spot a close-knit family bonding over their food at a restaurant, for example, or when you see home knickknacks being sold at a kiosk? 

Wouldn't it feel great to stay still and quiet in a hectic world, just for once, and let your emotions and good memories overtake you?

It is for this reason why people keep patronizing scented candles. Aside from their array of therapeutic benefits, they also have the ability to evoke emotions and relive memories.The use of scented candles is a personal experience-- YOUR personal experience.

Want to take a quick trip down memory lane? Light up any of these scented candles to rekindle your fondest memories with your loved ones.

Classic Jar Large Camellia Blossom (1144g)

Yankee Candle Camellia Blossom

Do you remember playing in your mom’s garden, surrounded by lovely garden landscapes and the floral fragrances? The luminous scent of Yankee Candle Camellia Blossom will take you back with its soothing mix of garden flowers like apple blossom, camellia, jasmine, and orange flower. It is accentuated by the lasting aroma of white cedar and musk. 

Classic Jar Large Splash Of Rain (1144g)
Yankee Candle Splash of Rain

Go back to the time when you, your siblings, and childhood neighbors would run out to have fun in the rain. The Splash of Rain candle delivers a refreshing scent of daffodils after a light springtime shower. 

Classic Jar Large Honeydew Melon (1144g)
Yankee Candle Honeydew Melon

A sweet remembrance of your childhood summer that smells good enough to taste, the Honeydew Melon candle is known for its aroma of cool honeydew melon. The clean scent of muguet and the setting notes of sugar and musk make it extra refreshing.

Classic Jar Large Orange Dreamsicle (1144g)
Yankee Candle Orange Dreamsicle

Relive the excitement of hearing your friendly-neighborhood ice cream truck with the Orange Dreamsicle candle. Your favorite childhood treat, with its blend of orange and vanilla ice cream, now comes with the tangy scents of lemon peels, orange, and sparkling grapefruit; the light floral aromas of tangelo, white peach, and sweet mandarin; and the sugary hints of vanilla bean and buttercream.

Classic Jar Large Salt Mist Rose (1144g)
Yankee Candle Salt Mist Rose

Remember when your mom would gush over the flower necklaces that you made for her? The Salt Rose Mist candle surely will bring back those moments with its delicate mix of fragrant rose, fresh lemongrass, mint, basil, and salt mist. It is highlighted by the sweet setting notes of balsam, honey, and sandalwood.

Memories are one of our most precious treasures. If you want to immortalize these moments spent with your loved ones, then a scented candle is always a perfect choice.

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