Are there times in your life when you wish you could relive the moments you spent with someone close to you—a friend, a partner, or a family member—who has been long gone? More often than not, now that we are all confined in our homes due to the pandemic, you’d find yourself getting lost in the reverie of all the beautiful memories you shared with your departed loved ones.

As the Feast of All Souls fast approaches, let’s take this opportune time to reflect on our loved ones who have passed on and the reminiscences they left us with. While various memorial practices are available, lighting a candle is deemed the most prevalent, straightforward yet evocative way to signify that the life they lived and nurtured continues and burns bright through us.

In this blog, we’ve listed down five of our best-smelling and spellbinding candles you can light this All Souls’ Day to remember and pay homage to those you’ve lost.

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Large Jar Candle 
The sweet aroma of our Clean Cotton candle perfectly depicts those happy times spent with old friends. This candle delivers a soothing blend of fresh notes of bergamot, lily of the valley, and rose.

Yankee Candle All Is Bright Large Jar Candle
With its gentle mix of sparkling citrus scents such as grapefruit, orange, and red currant drifting on warm musk, our All Is Bright candle will indeed uplift you while taking a trip down memory lane.

Yankee Candle Sheer Linen Elevation Candle
Rekindle those heartwarming memories with your loved ones with the clean and refreshing scent of our Sheer Linen Elevation Candle. This candle offers an amalgam of delicate aromas of fresh air accord, linen, and cyclamen, accentuated by the setting notes of musk.

Yankee Candle Coconut Beach Signature Large Tumbler Candle
Do you recall how it felt to go through the summers as a kid? Those pleasant and sunny days with your family and friends? The sweet and calming aroma of our Coconut Beach candle will take you back with its soothing mix of coconut, pineapple, and Tahitian vanilla.

Yankee Candle Magnolia & Lily Elevation Candle
An ideal tribute candle you can light anytime you want to remember your loved ones. Our Magnolia & Lily candle offers a heavenly uplifting scent with delicate notes of supple magnolia blooms, lemon, and jasmine. 

May we constantly commemorate and reflect on our dearly departed, not only during this season but every day. Although COVID-19 has hampered our daily lives, it has also given us numerous opportunities to take a break, stay still, and immortalize those beautiful moments we spent with them by lighting any of these candles.

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