5 Charming Yankee Candle Scents That Will Transport You to Barbie’s World

5 Charming Yankee Candle Scents That Will Transport You to Barbie’s World

Imagine waking up in a place where everything radiates high spirits and people genuinely smile from ear to ear. While such a place might be nowhere to be found in reality, it's exactly where everyone's favorite doll, Barbie, lives.

Greta Gerwig's reimagined live adaptation of Barbie has undeniably tugged at a multitude of heartstrings, captivating audiences of all ages and genders. Since its release, it has sparked a renewed fondness for Barbie, with people incorporating pink-colored embellishments into various aspects of their lives, from fashion looks to home accoutrements.

If you're a huge fan of Barbie and have a passion for all things pink, these candles are sure to add an extra touch of sassiness to your living space with their bright and delightful fragrances and charming aesthetics that perfectly align with Barbie's liking!

Yankee Candle Signature Large Jar 2 Wick Pink Cherry & Vanilla (1183g)

Yankee Candle Pink Cherry & Vanilla Signature Candle

Conjure the vibrant personality of Barbie into your home with the sweet and comforting fragrance of our pink, cherry, and vanilla candle. Infused with cherry, raspberry, vanilla, and apricot notes, this candle exudes a luscious aroma that will surely fill your living space with the playful essence of pink.


Yankee Candle Signature Large Jar 2 Wick Pink Sands™ (1183g)

Yankee Candle Pink Sands Signature Candle

A delightful fragrance that perfectly captures Barbie's perky and adventurous spirit, our Pink Sands candle will transport you to a tropical paradise with its beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals, and spicy vanilla, whisking you away to sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear waters.


Yankee Candle Classic Jar Large Berry Mochi (1144g)

Yankee Candle Berry Mochi Classic Large Jar Candle

In tune with Barbie's colorful lifestyle, the sweet and pleasant aroma of our Berry Mochi candle will surely elevate your everyday relaxation. This delightful candle exudes a medley of fresh berry and creamy vanilla aromas, topped with a hint of pink sugar, creating a captivating scent that will fill your space with joy and charm.


Yankee Candle Well Living Collection Large Tranquil Rose & Hibiscus (1370g)

Yankee Candle Tranquil Rose & Hibiscus Well Living Candle

Imbibe the essence of Barbie's elegance and grace with the captivating fragrance of our Tranquil Rose and Hibiscus candle. This premium candle utterly offers a sense of serenity and sophistication with its harmonious amalgam of rose, pink grapefruit, hibiscus, cashmere, and powder notes.


Yankee Candle Classic Jar Small Sakura Blossom Festival (232g)

Yankee Candle Sakura Blossom Classic Small Jar Candle

Our Sakura Blossom candle seamlessly captures the essence of delicate cherry blossoms in full bloom, just like Barbie's elegance and grace, which we all love! This candle will transform your space into a magical garden with its delicate mix of red berry, apple, cherry blossom, sandalwood, vanilla, and almond milk notes.


In addition to the Yankee Candle scents listed above, www.serenitybliss.com.ph offers a wide array of other fragrances that every Barbie fan can surely enjoy! For more updates about our collections and promotions, follow @yankeecandlephilippines on Instagram and Facebook.

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