10 Joyful Interior Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

10 Joyful Interior Design Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home This Summer

Summer is right around the corner. Whether planning to spend most of the season at home in the backyard or through fun road trips and overseas travels, now is the perfect time to incorporate those perky summer elements into your daily life. 

Along with the inexplicable cathartic heat are the different decor elements that guarantee to bring vibrance into any space — like pops of hot, bright colors, nautical themes, bold florals, and lush botanical prints. Read on as we share 10 joyful interior design ideas from Homes & Gardens to evoke summer magic in your home and make your sunny days more vivid!

Image credit: Little Greene | Homes & Gardens

Emanate sunshine.

Decorating with yellow will surely enhance your mood and put a spring in your step, whatever the weather. For Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene, incorporating sunny and energetic hues, such as "Indian Yellow" and "Giallo," in decor choices has been a trend for the past few years. Pairing them with bold green and a burst of deep summer sky blue is a great accent for a vibrant and inviting interior.

Image credit: Morris & Co | Homes & Gardens

Zesty kitchen.

Do you want to amp up the atmosphere in your kitchen? Wallpaper ideas are a brilliant way to get there. For a summer feeling all year round, try a pattern inspired by the garden colored in citrus hues (e.g., Simply Morris Fruit design). 

Image credit: Diane Hill for Harlequin | Homes & Gardens

Decorate with chinoiserie.

Summer is the best time to inject elegance and exoticism into your home. Using Chinoiserie prints, often characterized by their curved flower, bird, and leaf forms, uplifts the overall atmosphere in your space and inspires any homeowner to decorate boldly and unapologetically.

Image credit: Manuel Canovas Bianca Jade wallpaper | Homes & Gardens

Introduce bold florals.

Many interior designers encourage being bold with summer and floral decor ideas in key spaces at home, including the dining room and living area. To amp it all up, consider papering in a large-scale floral print wall to wall (you could even go full-on chintz by adding matching curtains into the mix).

Image credit: Pippa Blacker | Homes & Gardens

Prep a pretty table.

Having a summer tea party? One of the many ways to pull it off is by sprucing up a pretty tablescape, layering up patterned linens, colored glassware, refreshingly scented candles, and plenty of fresh flowers. 

Image credit: Future | Homes & Gardens

Decked out porch.

Embrace the warm weather by styling your porch with vibrant summer decor ideas. Rattan chairs are guaranteed to bring a holiday feel, so layer them with pillows in a mix of bright, folksy prints, and don't forget throws to keep cozy when the evening chill sets in. To create an eye-catching table, choose colored glass tumblers that will come to life in sunlight and display vibrant floral arrangements in woven baskets for a relaxed country feel.

Image credit: Kit Kemp | Homes & Gardens

Cover a headboard in a joyful fabric.

Bring a burst of summer into your bedroom, without overpowering the space, by upholstering your headboard with joyful prints. If you're looking for inspiration, this fabric by Fanny Shorter features a medley of chrysanthemums, oranges, and geraniums in sunburst yellow, makes a fitting choice, and is offset beautifully with a soothing, watery wallpaper. 

Image credit: Brent Darby | Homes & Gardens

Style up your space with plants and flowers.

Accentuate the beauty of summer by adding gorgeous flowers and plants to your living space. Not only will they look and smell amazing on display, but they will also make you feel good! 

Image credit: Michael Sinclair | Homes & Gardens

Keep it bright with white.

The days are much longer and brighter throughout the summer, so we get more natural light. Make the most out of it by inviting as much natural light into the space as possible using white as a base color. Also, try to keep walls, furniture, and key pieces white or light stone colors, and then use wall art and subtle décor items to add a pop of color, creating matrimony of natural brightness and beautiful bold colors of summer. 

Image credit: Future | Homes & Gardens

Try a nautical theme.

Evocative of your favorite beach spot, incorporating a nautical theme into your home's aesthetics is an effective way to bring the summer season into your home. Try decorating your bedroom, for instance, with some seaside-inspired interior design elements. Take a pared-back approach by decorating with simple neutrals, elegant lines, and soft stripes, adding pops of navy and rust for a contemporary twist. 

Aside from these cool and easy summer decor ideas of Homes & Gardens, you can refresh your space through premium scented candles, which we will share in our next blog post! So stay tuned, folks!

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