10 fun and romantic activities you can do at home this Valentine’s Day

10 fun and romantic activities you can do at home this Valentine’s Day

As we hurtle towards Valentine's day, we often find ourselves crammed against varying date night ideas—from romantic candlelit dinners to relaxing couples' massage sessions. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, we've been convinced to pivot our means of celebrating the season of love. 

It's become apparent that many of us will be spending Valentine's day at home. Although this might sound boring, it's actually the perfect excuse to plan and execute a special indoor date or a fun family activity. 

Whether you're celebrating with your significant other or your loved ones, we’ve summed up 10 fun and romantic activities from Good Housekeeping to help you pull off the ultimate at-home Valentine's day celebration.

Photo by Mike Garten
Image by Mike Garten

Make breakfast in bed.
Start your day by expressing your love to your partner through breakfast. Put a tray together for them—and don't forget to include as many heart-shaped food items as possible. 

Image by Aww Sam

Decorate, decorate, decorate.
Make your home a romantic oasis by decking it out with sweet heart-shaped items. 

Recreate your first date.
Here's an opportunity to get creative and tell your partner everything you loved about them on that very first day. If you went to a coffee shop, whip up some artisanal coffees. If you went to a romantic restaurant, print the menu and try to make one of the dishes in your kitchen. If you went to the zoo, print pictures of the animals you saw and put them in frames around the living room. 

Make a charcuterie board.
There's no better snack to nibble on all day than a charcuterie board. Add whichever treats you like, and don't forget to pair your cheeses and jams with the perfect wines. If you’re not a fan of cheese and crackers, you can make one with candy or desserts.

Make cards.
No matter what your relationship status, there's always someone in your life who would appreciate a DIY Valentine's Day card. Pull out your art supplies and put together the most festive combinations of pink and red—or anything else! 

Plan a game night.
If you and your partner love competition, then plan a fun game night for Valentine's Day. With enough cocktails and snacks, it'll be perfectly romantic. You can also play easier games for a fun family-friendly activity.

Plan a movie marathon.
Take a chill approach to Valentine's Day this year. Instead of planning a ton of activities, plan an all-day movie marathon of the best romantic comedies with lots and lots of snacks.

Write a love letter.
Whether you're seeing your partner in person or celebrating from afar, there's nothing more romantic than sending them a love letter. Make your letter personal: include all the reasons you love them or list all your favorite memories. 

Or letters of gratitude.
When you're done writing a letter to your special someone, write a few letters of appreciation to the other important people in your life. A letter of gratitude can go a long way in making your loved ones feel special.

Take a class.
Little ones deserve to have a festive Valentine's Day too. To get them in on the fun, sign them up for a V-Day-themed virtual class—whether it’s baking, letter writing, or dancing and singing.

Image by Artifact Uprising

Make a photo book.
Sure, a photo book makes a great Valentine's Day gift. But putting one together also makes a great Valentine's Day activity. Grab your sweetie and compile all your favorite photos. You'll have so much fun reminiscing on your favorite memories.

To cap off this special day, make sure you exchange gifts. For example, you might want to surprise your significant other or your loved ones with any of our specially curated Love Bundles.

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