If there's one question that most—if not all—people dwelling in relatively small spaces have asked themselves once or multiple times, that would be, "How on Earth will I be able to spruce up my place when I'm dealing with a lack of any meaningful storage space?" Decorating small spaces is indeed challenging. Well, no, it feels nearly impossible. 

Things can get expensive, even in tiny spaces like any decorating idea. But fret not, Country Living Magazine rounded up several small space decorating ideas that are foolproof, simple, and budget-friendly. 

Whether you're decorating a small one-bedroom apartment or condo unit, or a picturesque little house, the list offers practical tips and inspos that will help you make your home look clutter-free and so much bigger in just a matter of hours.

Downsize your accessories

If you're working with finite space, such as a small bathroom, your accessories should stay relatively small too. Pro-tip: hang a mirror and sconces, embellish your bathroom sink with a tiny vase, and top it off with a Yankee Candle décor reed diffuser.

Swap your sofa for a settee

There's nothing wrong with placing a large sofa in a space-challenged living space. But if your room calls for something less intrusive, you might want to consider choosing a settee to accentuate the area.

Hide your toilet paper

Another small piece of bathroom interior advice: consider skirting your sink, like this one, so that you can stash your toiletries out of sight.

Invest in smart furniture

There's no need to go to great lengths to include organizational add-ons in your room. Instead, pick multi-functional furniture that's decorative and has storage space built right in.

Hang an expandable rack

To maximize space in a small laundry room, if you own a front-loading washer and dryer, put them beneath a counter to have a workspace. You may also include space-saving, expandable drying racks to make your laundry sesh less stressful and complicated.

Food container lid organizer

With the advent of the open shelving trend these days, it's vital to provide a place where you can stash your kitchen objects. This lid organizer will make your life easier and more organized and is best to keep in a cabinet, out of sight.

Make your walls work overtime.

Why bother getting a separate table set if you can go for a foldable wall-mounted table? It's space-saving, aesthetically pleasing, and can be repurposed in multiple ways: a cocktail bar, craft station, working area, or vanity if you equip it with a mirror.

Add wall-mounted shelves

Forgo the bookshelves and go with wall-mounted shelves to utilize extra-cramped spaces.

Put your pantry on display.

Having problems with space for your pantry? No worries, just outfit a utilitarian shelving system with breathable baskets that can corral everything from various types of produce to bulky bags of dry goods like flour and sugar.

Use sheer curtains

These curtains are easy to place above your windows since they're extra long and quickly reach the floor. That translucence provides the illusion that they're taking up even less space.

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