10 Best Decorating Ideas To Make Your Living Space Extra Festive This Christmas

10 Best Decorating Ideas To Make Your Living Space Extra Festive This Christmas

These decor inspirations will help you bring the beauty of Christmas to every corner of your home.

Whenever Christmas comes around, one of the many ways we get into the season's spirit, aside from putting on our favorite holiday tracks, is by embellishing our homes with colorful and festive decorations. And since it's the most beautiful time of the year, the good rule of thumb is to push the extra mile and go all-out in holiday details!

While some are still apprehensive about pulling out all the stops in Christmas decorations, it's essential to grasp that now is the perfect time to incorporate your unique individuality into the festive mix and be as creative as possible. 

So grab your garland and trim your wreaths because we're decking the halls inside and out with these ten foolproof decorating ideas from Southern Living that guarantee to transform your home into a magical Christmas haven!

Give old favorites new life

True and all, it is okay to purchase brand-new Christmas decor; instead, look for ways to maximize what you already have. You can reuse elements such as ribbons, ornaments, bells, stockings, or plotted plants year after year to mingle with your new seasonal finds.

Make a sparkly Christmas tree topper

Christmas is a time for fun and festivities, so don't let your tree get too caught up in serious tradition! Spruce it up with intricate decorative elements that best represent your quirky and creative side. To make a sparkly topper, bundle together a group of curly silver sticks, which you can purchase from any craft store, and wire it to the top of your tree; it's that simple! Bonus? You can also use this sparkly topper as a New Year's Eve decoration!

Lean on what lasts

In decorating your home this Christmas, splurge on ribbons, not cut flowers. They're reusable, unfussy, and an easy way to add color to your space. 

Elegant and easy embellishments

Fetter (faux or real) pinecones and berries with a velvet bow in a contrasting tone. This simple, handmade element will complement any stairwell or mantle.

Celebrate family in meaningful ways

Christmas is all about caring about one another, especially among loved ones. Not only displaying seasonal family treasures front and center make your Christmas festivities extra special, but it will also conjure the kind of love and warmth your home offers. 

Draw them in

Whether guests arrive through the front or back door, make every entry inviting. A perch for removing boots can be a place to gather packages. Mudroom cubbies can display small collections, favorite ornaments, and family heirlooms.

Beautifully wrapped presents

Christmas is the best time to showcase your knack for turning even the most trivial gifts into masterpieces. Sleek-looking presents in festive gift wrap can also serve as ideal decorations under the tree or on a table.

Striking entrance

Make your entrance inviting for all. Dress your staircase or your living room's focal point with a garland of pinecones, greenery, and festive ribbons.

Think of a novel idea

Put spare paperbacks to work by stacking them into a Christmas tree for a hint of holiday flair with a literary touch. It's a wonderfully whimsical touch to a mantle or bookshelf.

Festive candles

Scented candles always hit our sweet spot in filling our homes with the much-needed holiday spirit. Whether you prefer crisp pines, bright citruses, or the waft of delectable afters, Yankee Candle Philippines offers various fragrance options to help you set a more festive mood in your living space this Christmas.

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