The kitchen is not only one of the essential spaces in our homes but also one of the most notable areas that deserve so much of our attention. It’s where we commune with our loved ones, plan meals, and even entertain guests. So, being stingy with its design is not an option. 

Whether you live in a small apartment with finite space and storage or deal with an ample kitchen space with spacious cabinets, a large marble island, and sleek appliances, there’s a slew of creative design ideas to make you enjoy your kitchen even more. Although there are a couple of options you can work on when it comes to revamping your kitchen, it’s important to take enough time to figure out the design route that works best for your current lifestyle and budget.

Ready for some décor inspiration? Scroll this roundup of beautiful kitchen designs curated by the editors of Good Housekeeping

Go Green

Photo by Stoffer Photography

The kitchen is an ideal spot to experiment with bold colors. You can mix up the monochrome with varying shades and textures. For interior designer Jean Stoffer, the excellent use of green is a design statement people should try in sprucing up and decorating their kitchens.

Or keep it classic and white.

Photo by Kylie Fitts

You can never go wrong with a neutral kitchen, as you can weave in different decorative elements without even worrying if one fits the entirety or not. Take a cue from the home of Shelby Girard, Havenly’s VP, Creative & Design—a perfect amalgam of natural stone, such as marble and quartzite, wood, brass, and textured accessories like a rug or window treatments.

Mix old and new.

Photo by Amy Neunsinger

It’s such a shame to trash all your old decorative elements when, in fact, you can repurpose them and mix them with new pieces of furniture. Take this weathered wood beneath a farmhouse sink made from an old furniture scrap. 

Choose low-maintenance tile.

Photo by Molly Cover

Incorporating durable, affordable materials is a no-brainer for event stylist and interior designer Mary Patton. This kitchen, for instance, uses an accessible, cost-friendly, and easy-to-clean porcelain tile that looks like marble. 

Make a statement with bold cabinets.

Photo by Kylie Fitts

If you’re up to thinking outside the box when it comes to interior designing, be quirky and have fun with your cabinetry color. “Modern, luxe and even boho aesthetics can benefit from a pop of color,” says Shelby Girard, VP, Creative & Design, at Havenly. “But think timeless here rather than trendy, with blues, greens, and blacks being tried-and-true hues for personality-packed impact.”

Hand adjustable pendants.

Photo by Kylie Fitts

Gone are the days when big, intrusive lamps were the only feasible lighting options for kitchens. You can use quirky, adjustable wicker pendant lights to brighten the entire space and improve your kitchen’s overall aesthetics.

Let large appliances shine.

Photo by Haylei Smith

“The retro-inspired Smeg refrigerator creates a nostalgic feel in conjunction with the antique Blue Willow dishware and the original shiplap walls,” says designer Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors. “I love how simply placing dishware overflow on the top of the fridge makes the fridge seem right at home.”

Designate cubbies for décor.

Photo by Stacy Bass

If you’re looking for a design idea to soften your cabinetry and millwork-heavy kitchen, designate cubbies for flowers, decorative vessels, and other objects of interest.

Mix wood tones.

Photo by Dustin Peck

For some people, who find interior designing quite overwhelming, mixing wood tones with other key pieces of furniture is a perplexing venture. But hey, if you pay attention to details such as undertones, finish, and wood grain, everything will work perfectly fine, and you might be able to enhance the soul of your space. 

Wall Display

Open shelves present the opportunity to show off your styling skills. Fill them with everything you love for organizing and preparing meals—think glass canisters, white platters, and more.

The design possibilities are indeed endless for any home buddy who has a zeal for interior decoration. You'll find colorful design schemes with many paint colors and patterns that both maximalists and minimalists would love. 

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