Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with essential oils

Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with essential oils

Nothing is more relaxing than spending ample time submerging your body into a giant earthenware tub filled with warm, comforting water. Taking a regular warm bath provides multiple health benefits beyond merely calming your mind; it also helps elevate your overall mood, relieves muscle pain, and, surprisingly, improves your heart’s health, among others.

Amping up this indulgent endeavor, many enthusiasts lean towards the therapeutic power of essential oils. A few drops of these elixirs can purportedly enhance your bath time routine, furthering physical and mental relaxation. But before you go crazy about dumping random essential oils into your bath, there are several pointers you need to know—from recognizing which oil to use and carrying out the proper way of using these potent vials. 

Read on to find out how to transform your ordinary bath time into a satisfying pampering session with essential oils.

If you opt for thorough relaxation: 

Our Lavender Vanilla aroma oil boasts the therapeutic benefits of lavender and vanilla. It is indeed a must-have if you want a calming experience to cap a busy day and prime yourself for sleep.

Aroma Oil Lavender Vanilla (68g)

Lavender Vanilla Aroma Oil

For pain relief:

Our Pink Sands aroma oil comprises a delicate orange, lemon, vanilla, and white musk blend. It has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help you cope with body pain. 

Aroma Oil Pink Sands (68g)

Pink Sands Aroma Oil

For sore muscles:

In addition to its calming effect, our Lemon Lavender aroma oil also doubles as a powerful agent to cool you down and detoxify your muscles after a hard day's work.

Aroma Oil Lemon Lavender (68g)

Lemon Lavender Aroma Oil

If you are feeling under the weather:

The enlivening combination of earthy sage, talc, and lemon-lime, makes our Sage and Citrus aroma oil the perfect cold remedy. This oil helps you get enough sleep by clearing your nasal passages and allowing steady breathing.

Aroma Oil Sage & Citrus (68g)

Sage and Citrus Aroma Oil

Hey, don’t just use any essential oils.

There’s a brief list of essential oils that should never find their way into your bathtub. They are otherwise known as “hot” oils.

Boston-based dermatopathologist Dr. Gretchen Frieling shared with Oprah Daily that essential oils like cinnamon, oregano, peppermint, thyme, and some citrus oils can cause skin irritation. “If you’re unsure, test a drop of oil on the back of your hand and watch for any reactions. If you feel any burning sensation, it’s best to keep it out of the tub completely,” she added.

Avoid adding essential oils directly into your bathwater.

According to Martha Krejci, an essential oils expert, dripping oils right into the bath can cause them to sit on top of the water, allowing the oils to come into direct contact with skin, triggering irritation and even burns.

It's important to dilute your oils first in a carrier oil, like jojoba, coconut, olive, or sunflower. Three to 12 drops of essential oil in a tablespoon (15 ml) of carrier oil is enough for a single bath. Swirl the water to disperse your oils thoroughly.

Lastly, watch your step!

While the combination of essential oils and carrier oil provides complete hydration to your skin, it can also make your tub very slippery. Be extra careful when getting in and out of it.

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