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SCENTERPIECE EASY MELTCUP SYSTEM: It's so easy to change scents in seconds-to match your mood, your day, your crazy busy life. Our innovative Easy MeltCups release room-filling fragrance for enjoyment in just minutes.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Versatile beige is at home in any room and the raised ceramic lines add a touch of visual interest for a stylish edge. This warmer's flameless heater works so quickly-before you know it your whole room will be filled with fragrance. A clever recessed heating dish creates a refined silhouette. With a 6-foot long power cord, you can place this warmer just about anywhere you like.

TONS OF CONVENIENT FEATURES: There's an indicator light so you'll always know when it is on. The best feature? An adjustable auto-shutoff timer-set it for 3, 6 or 9 hours and go about your day without ever having to remember to turn it off.

ALWAYS THE HIGHEST QUALITY: Our products go through the ringer before they earn our label. The fragrances are created by our master perfumers and are then screened, reviewed and rigorously tested by our team of fragrance experts. What makes it through? Only the greatest fragrances that we (and you!) can be passionate about.