Hosting your wedding at home poses a myriad of opportunities. Not only does it make your celebration more intimate and worth remembering; it also allows you to curate a meaningful experience by cutting out all the extras and focusing more on what's truly important: spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, and, of course, the love of your life.

Although it may be kinder to your wedding budget, having an at-home wedding doesn't mean having to give up the premium service associated with hosting an event at a large, lavish venue. Instead, this is the perfect time to get creative in planning out every intentional moment of your celebration. Whether you opt to have it in the backyard or the living room, nothing limits you from putting out all the stops to achieve your dream wedding.

Here are some of the loveliest at-home weddings featured in Bride and Breakfast to help you get inspired for your special day.

Jaime x Alyssa

Photo by MangoRed Studios/Ian Santillan

The coronavirus pandemic may have taken hold over our lives, but it didn't stop Jaime and Alyssa from pushing through with their wedding plans and sharing every bit of their special day with their closest family and friends.

"We all know it's no easy feat to plan a wedding, even more so amid a pandemic, so when the big day finally arrived, we were just floored with gratitude that we made it this far!" Alyssa shared. "Plans and expectations changed up to the last minute, but everything worked out in the end."

In hopes of making their dream wedding more intimate and memorable, the couple decided to dwindle the number of their guests to only a fraction and hold their reception in the backyard of Jaime's parents. "Our wedding was held at a place where many of our fondest memories were made," she added. With the help of event stylist Gideon Hermosa, they managed to bring out the beauty of their venue by transforming it into an enchanting oasis that made their guests swoon and captivated.

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Benson x Erika

Photo by Liz Ranola

Beyond practicality, having your wedding in the privacy of your own home exudes a sense of familiarity, warmth, and enthralling charm that makes for a celebration that's unique and noteworthy. 

Benson and Erika made sure that their wedding day wasn't just about honoring their union; it was also about sharing such a significant milestone with those who've been with them in their journey. Their intimate celebration distinctly showcased who they are as a couple: chill, lighthearted, and astute.

They decided to save some costs and skip the venue search altogether by getting married in the backyard of Erika's family home. With only 120 guests, no bridesmaids, and some rustic D.I.Y. elements that complemented the venue's natural aesthetics, everything they hoped and wanted for their special day came together perfectly!

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Allan x Yna

Photo by Toto Villaruel

If there's one thing we can learn from Allan and Yna’s wedding journey, that is to bravely ride through the changes amid the pandemic, no matter how difficult it would be. Their simple, charming wedding with 14 guests was more than just a celebration of their union; it symbolized the purity of their love and their genuine passion for each other.

On their special day, the couple went on with two ceremonies: a civil wedding at Pasig City Hall and a Christian wedding at their humble abode. They also prepared a rustic-themed reception in their backyard, complete with subtle bronze tones.

Ultimately, what mattered the most to Allan and Yna was the union they both shared, along with their loved ones, through God.

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