Health is wealth: Yankee Candle Philippines partners with KonsultaMD

Health is wealth: Yankee Candle Philippines partners with KonsultaMD

There's nothing more essential in life than having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Without it, we may not find happiness, peace, and success in all other aspects. Now more than ever, being healthy is undeniably more valuable than any amount of money or exquisite item that this world can give. 

For the past two years, the world has been braving the harsh effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's evident how our daily lives have been tremendously redefined—from how we approach work and travel to how we treat ourselves with what we imbibe in our bodies. 

That's why we, at Yankee Candle Philippines, continuously uphold the quintessence of health and all its facets in our commitment to providing premium service to our wide array of clients. 

Yankee Candle Philippines x KonsultaMD
As part of our foray into the sphere of mental health and wellness, alongside Perfect Serenity Bliss, Inc., we are marking an exciting collaboration with the country's leading telehealth membership service, KonsultaMD. This partnership aims to reintroduce and highlight the significance of self-care and ultimately living a healthy life amid the ongoing global health crisis. 

Moreover, both Yankee Candle and KonsultaMD patrons can expect an incredible offer that they can either enjoy by themselves or share with their loved ones!


Note: This special gift voucher is valid until May 2022, and can only be redeemed with purchases from Yankee Candle Philippine's physical stores and website (

In case you’re wondering how to activate your FREE KonsultaMD Health Plan, check out the activation process below:

For more information on this partnership, feel free to visit and message us on our social media pages:

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