As we all know, COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in the works, keeping us from freely engaging with normalcy for more than a year now. However, if you think you’ll be strolling through the final stretch of 2021 the same way as you did the previous years—without any great surprises to feed off your much-needed retail therapy—well, you better think again.

In celebration of our fifth anniversary in the business of sharing a passion for fragrance across the country, we’re excited to bring you our biggest in-store sale of the year! Get more bang for your buck with a slew of impressive deals and discounts on our special candle collections, flameless home fragrances, car scents, and other accessories and add-ons.  

Our massive Anniversary In-Store Sale runs from October 15 to 17 and is exclusively available in all our physical stores. Get ready to unleash your stealthier side by snapping up our best deals on your favorite Yankee Candle items. 

To spare you the trouble of having to search through our extensive catalog of marked-down offers, we’ve gone ahead and listed down our top picks from this sale that you need to scoop up straightaway.

Yankee Candle Coconut Splash Large Jar Candle

Promo: Get a free Aroma Oil or Room Spray for every purchase of this candle.

If you're into anything tropical, this candle is perfect for you! Give your home a sweet and refreshing treat with our Coconut Splash Large Jar Candle! 

Yankee Candle Passionflower Medium Elevation Candle

Promo: Get free Yankee Candle Charms worth Php395 for every purchase of this candle.

Our Passionflower Elevation Candle's comforting yet energizing scent evokes memories of picturesque late-night strolls in a moonlit garden. This candle offers an uplifting mix of heady aromas from night-blooming flowers, accentuated by the rich notes of amber musk and orchid.

Yankee Candle Life’s A Breeze Car Jar Ultimate

Promo: Buy one (1), get three (3) free

Our Life's A Breeze Car Jar Ultimate guarantees a fun and comfortable riding experience with its exhilarating fragrance. This car air freshener offers an enlivening blend of refreshing aromas such as bergamot, lavender, and patchouli. 

Yankee Candle Winter Village Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper 

Promo: 20% off the regular price

Bring the winter feeling indoors without the chill with our chic and festive Winter Village Illuma-Lid®️ Jar Candle Topper to accompany your favorite Yankee Candle holiday candle! 

Yankee Candle Mother of Pearl Votive Holder

Promo: 50% off the regular price

Give your votive candle a regal touch by placing it in our Mother of Pearl Votive Holder. 

And since this special event falls on payday, it's undoubtedly the perfect time to make the most out of your hard-earned money, satisfy your shopping craving, and replenish your scent stash—just in time for the holiday season!

Note: Following our Anniversary In-Store Sale, our physical stores will still offer amazing deals and discounts on several Yankee Candle items. You can also visit our website,, to enjoy our month-long Anniversary Online Sale.

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