Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, is the most important holiday in Chinese culture. Just like any other festivities, it also involves an array of vibrant traditions that have been widely embraced by many countries across the world.

Here in the Philippines, for instance, we partake in the celebration by means of feasting on traditional Chinese dishes, crowding the streets of Binondo (Chinatown) to watch special performances such as dragon and lion dances, and handing out red packets or envelopes containing lucky money to our family and friends. 

Meanwhile, others celebrate the Chinese New Year by decking their homes with various red decorations. From Spring Festival couplets to paper cuttings of both(lucky) and (double happiness) characters to red candles, it is deemed that daubing every space and corner of the house with touches of red attracts happiness, good luck, and good fortune.

In this guide, we've listed down our best-smelling red scented candles that will  bring positive energy into your life this Chinese New Year.  

Yankee Candle Black Cherry Classic Small Jar 

Indulge in the sweet and fruity scent of ripe black cherries with Yankee Candle Black Cherry. This candle will captivate your senses with its delicate blend of bergamot, maraschino cherry juices, lemon zest, and acai berry. It is accentuated with the sweet and sugary undertones of cane, pomegranate seeds, and blackberry jam.

Yankee Candle Macintosh Ribbonwick® Candle

Set an uplifting atmosphere in your living room with the distinctive design and satisfying fragrance of Yankee Candle Macintosh Ribbonwick® Candle. This candle comes with the fresh and clean mix of juicy macintosh, apple peels, and the setting notes of clove bud and sheer musk. Its overall scent is vividly real; you can almost taste the unmistakable crunch of that first bite of apple!

Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Regular Tumbler

Build a perfect relaxing oasis at home with Yankee Candle Red Raspberry. This candle will surely make you feel better with its soothing blend of nature's goodness like mandarin, black cherries, black raspberries, and strawberries. The sweet notes of crystallized sugar and musk make it extra comforting.

Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus Votive Candle

Don't let your end table be an afterthought. Enhance its aesthetics with Yankee Candle Pink Hibiscus Votive, amped up with any of our beautiful votive candle holders

Make no room for any bad juju. Let the uplifting gush of good luck and prosperity flow through your life this Chinese New Year by lighting any of these candles!


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