5 relaxing Spotify playlists to listen to during lockdown

5 relaxing Spotify playlists to listen to during lockdown

Finding out that Metro Manila will be placed under enhanced community quarantine again—for the third time—to curb the spread of the COVID-19 Delta variant probably made you feel dumbfounded. It's like watching a horror movie about a twisted serial killer who just won't quit (okay, that's quite a stretch, but you get what we mean, right?).

Getting stuck inside your house and keeping yourself from any face-to-face interaction is downright unsettling. A stricter lockdown poses challenges that can take a toll on our overall well-being. Also, the ongoing pandemic triggers us to look for various ways to cope with the stress that comes with it. 

Since there's not much left to do during the lockdown, getting into aromatherapy is one of the best self-care practices you can do. You can opt to pair it with these soft-feels playlists to enjoy the best level of relaxation.

LoFi Beats

Have you ever been wanting to bless your ears with discrete, low-key beats that make you want to shut your eyes, clear your mind, and sink into your pillow? With slow melodies and fluid rhythms, you'll find yourself slowly bobbing and waving your head to this stimulating playlist.

Best enjoyed with: 

Meltcup Homemade Herb Lemonade (99g)

Scenterpiece® Easy MeltCup Homemade Herb Lemonade
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Rainy Indie Afternoon

Are you looking for songs to listen to during a downpour? This playlist summons up the tranquil vibe you need while sipping a cup of tea, enjoying the aroma of your favorite candle, and staring out the rainy window melodramatically.

Best enjoyed with: 

Ribbonwick Lemon Lavender (1019g)

Lemon Lavender Ribbonwick® candle
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Relax and Unwind

It's already in the name. This playlist makes great company when you aim to find a moment of Zen, take a minute to breathe, and let loose. 

Best enjoyed with: 

Concentrated Spray Blush Bouquet (67g)

Concentrated Room Spray Blush Bouquet
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Calming Acoustic

Put your headphones on and break free from a world where feeling worried, upset, and stressed has become the norm. Feel your anxieties melt away to these light and airy acoustic tracks.

Best enjoyed with: 

Meltcup Afternoon Escape (99g)

Scenterpiece® Easy MeltCup Afternoon Escape
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Deep Focus

If you're working from home and up for a peaceful pseudo-office environment, queue this playlist up! These instrumental ambient tunes will surely help you get your groove back in accomplishing whatever tasks are on your plate. 

Best enjoyed with: 

Aroma Oil Lavender Vanilla (68g)
Lavender Vanilla Aroma Oil
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Don't let the negative repercussions of self-isolation hamper your days. If you need an ample boost to make your quarantine life more bearable, just relax, listen, and revel in our array of home fragrances. You've got this!

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