5 Easy Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Calm And Comforting Retreat

5 Easy Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Calm And Comforting Retreat

There's no better way to kick-start your new year than sprucing up your living space and making it an ideal place of respite from the daily grind. It's no secret how evoking a comforting atmosphere at home unquestionably fosters a positive spark that can help you feel inspired and driven throughout the year.

Jumping on the actual practice may be pretty intimidating for some people—especially those with little knowledge of interior design and decorating. But there are several simple practices you can do to start your journey towards a serene, stress-free home living. 

We've listed down five practical ways to transform your lovely abode into a balanced and peaceful retreat in this blog. 

Overcome the clutter
We all know how clutter conjures up physical and unconscious chaos. Bedraggled stacks and piles and disorganization can frequently lead to bouts of stress and anxiety (especially when you've been searching for a displaced item for more than 20 minutes). 

Whether you're a huge Konmari method fanatic or a self-proclaimed maximalist, it's essential to tackle and conquer those messy drawers or your disarrayed closet that's bogging you down. Immediately, you'll feel the tension escape the room as you get rid of those unneeded items.

Play with colors
While choosing a suitable color scheme can be a challenge, it's apparent that simply adding a colorful wall or statement piece can change the ambiance or mood of any room. Don't be too afraid to play with different shades and combinations. In this way, you can determine how they may impact the overall vibe of your space. 

Soft white textiles exude a sense of elegance and serenity to a bedroom, while a daffodil shade of yellow may add just the ideal amount of joy to one's living room. If you're opting for a more relaxing space, why not experiment with cool shades—shades of green or blue, perhaps? *wink wink*

Unleash the plantita/plantito in you
There is something so calming about bringing fresh foliage, potted plants, and various sorts of succulents indoors. Not only do they enhance the overall aesthetics of your interiors, but plants also help re-oxygenate your home by eliminating harmful toxins that are circulating in the air. 

We bet those who follow the Chinese tradition of feng shui know entirely how the concept of symmetry positively affects the overall feel of a home's atmosphere. From creating complete balance within your dining room, for instance, to playing with dark and light decorative pieces, it's key to look for ways to find absolute harmony within your living space.

Consider using aromatherapy
It may sound a bit passé for some people, but we can't deny the significance of aromatherapy in elevating home ambiance. And if you're not much of a scented candle enthusiast and leaning more toward flameless home fragrances (such as diffusers and room sprays), our ScentLight Kits would be right up your alley

Deemed as the newest offering in scent technology, The ScentLight Kit combines artful décor and long-lasting fragrance that seamlessly creates the perfect atmosphere in any room. Its cordless, battery-operated light provides a soft, candle-like glow while dispersing your best-loved fragrance. The kit also comes with a scent refill, which you can easily change at your convenience, depending on your mood.

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Note: Some of the above-stated interior design ideas have been featured at veranda.com.

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